When choosing to study a master’s degree abroad, you might find a lot of options to choose from. These choices can sometimes be extremely overwhelming and you might not know which field you want to pursue a degree in. However, there are some master’s degrees that are considered the top master’s degrees to study, whether they give you more job opportunities or more lucrative salaries or are simply more fun to study! Without further Ado, here are the top master’s degrees to study in 2023 so you know exactly which degree program to pick! 


MBA or Master’s in Financial Management 

The gold medal when it comes to the top master’s degrees to study in 2023 is the MBA or Master’s in Financial Management. When you choose to study an MBA, you are choosing to make more money and become an asset to your future employer. One of the top master’s degrees, you’ll learn essential business skills, as well as soft skills. You might even choose to take the entrepreneurship track and learn to start your own business. The MBA degree offers you a great education and allows you the chance to work in a variety of jobs. You might also find a program that is online so if you want to study and work at the same time this could be a possibility for you! 


Coursework for these business degrees is pretty challenging though,  so be sure that you’ll need to put in a lot of work to earn this degree. Programs usually need between 30 and 40 hours to be completed, with courses in many degree areas like programs in Corporate finance, financial leadership, Global consulting, Investment analysis and applied marketing research, among many other study fields. Common concentrations to choose from include Economics, Cybersecurity, Leadership, Marketing, Project management and Human resource management. Students will also need to do a placement or internship to get hands-on experience during the course of their studies. 


Students who study a business master’s degree in finance or MBA will get the chance to pursue careers in many professions in the business world. For example, they can work as Investment bankers, Financial analysts, Brokers, Commercial bankers, Finance directors and Insurance specialists. They can also work as jobs like Chief Technology Officer

Computer and information systems manager, Financial manager, High-end management consultant and Analytics managers. Nonetheless, all graduates of master’s in business degrees receive competitive salaries higher than the median salaries.

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Computer Science

Another of the top master’s degrees to study in 2023 is a master’s in computer science. Because technology is more important than ever, deciding to study a master’s in computer science is a great decision to make. Demand for computer science graduates has also been increasing in all companies as technology is becoming more advanced than ever.  

Students who study this degree learn how to develop, program and analyze important information. This makes them valuable and able to pursue careers in any industry that they choose. The expected outlook for computer science jobs will also grow from 10 to 20 per cent in the next few years. 


Computer science students will typically study courses both on campus and off campus. If you choose to study a master’s degree in computer science, you’ll study courses like Web application development, Database administration, Cybersecurity, Intelligent systems, Software and systems engineering and IT strategy and management, as well as other topics of interest. When you graduate from your program, you’ll typically have a lot of job areas to choose from. For example, you could work as a Software engineer, Systems architect, Data science specialist, Software developer, an Information technology professional or Machine learning engineer, in addition to so many more job titles. You can expect to earn around 100,000 dollars on an annual basis if you have a master’s degree. The jobs are also in demand in most companies so you’ll easily be able to find a job. 


Mathematics is also a top master’s degree option to pursue if you want to study one of the most popular degrees. This is a master’s of science degree that is considered one of the most useful ones, though it may not seem like that. Students who study a maths master’s degree usually study around 30 to 40 credit hours, studying courses in subject areas like Mathematical analysis, Complex analysis, Abstract algebra, Differential equations and topology, as well as theories of number courses. There are also many job paths for graduates of these master’s degrees to follow, with some of the highest paying salaries around. For example, they can work as actuaries, which earn a yearly average of 100,000 dollars, or as operation research analysts, who earn an average of 84,000 dollars per year. Other job options include working as Investment analysts, Statisticians, Accountants or Post Secondary mathematics teachers; all are great paying jobs! 

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Healthcare Administration

Another of the top master’s degrees to study is a degree in healthcare administration. This master’s degree is a challenging one that can give you many job opportunities in the healthcare world after graduation. Healthcare administrators have many job roles and have critical responsibilities, such as overseeing day-to-day administrative operations of healthcare facilities like hospitals, nursing homes and senior care facilities. They generally have the aim to make a great experience for patients while ensuring they are safe and sound. 


This master’s degree track requires students who are great leaders, good administrators and care deeply for the well-being of people, as well as passionate about healthcare and improving public health. Some job opportunities those who pursue master’s degrees in healthcare administration may take on are roles like   Chief nursing officers, Corporate healthcare managers or Clinical directors. They may also work as Healthcare consultants or Health services manager, among many other potential job roles. 

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A popular master’s degree field that also makes the top of the list of master’s degrees to study is an engineering master’s degree. Students who study a degree in engineering will gain a deep understanding of certain engineering specialisations like civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. They will usually expand upon knowledge that they gained during their bachelor’s degrees, making them into valuable assets for their teams. They’ll be able to go on to higher level positions like management ones, after completing their master’s programs. Some of the positions graduates of these programs go on to fulfill are roles as IT managers, project engineers, product engineers, technical consultants or automation engineers. 

Human resources management

Yet another area of master’s degrees that makes the top of the list is a master’s degree in human resources management. This is another business master’s degree that deals with the human side of any organisation. If an employee needs help, or if someone is being hired, they usually go to the human resources management personnel in a company for support or any resources they may need. Studying a master’s degree in the field can give a deep insight into the subject, allowing you to give a boost to your career. This boost can push you up the career ladder in human resources, and allow you to potentially become a HR director or manager in the future. 

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Finally, another business master’s degree that falls in the top of the master’s degrees is a marketing master’s degree. The master’s of science in marketing gives students access to deep busines knowledge, both practical and theoretical. It’s especially good for students who are great communicators and who are creative and love dealing with people. They can go on to work in companies in any industry that they please, including event marketing and fashion marketing. Some other concentrations to choose from are leadership communication, publis relations, marketing communications and organisational development. Good news is that employment in the marketing industry is also expected to increase by around 15 per cent over the next 10 years. 


Potential jobs for graduates of this master’s degree might include working as a Director of marketing and communications, Brand manager, SEO strategist, Web analyst or Digital marketing specialist, among many other positions. Some of these are highly lucrative jobs. For example, working as a director of marketing and communication might land you an average salary of around 130,000 dollars a year. This makes choosing to study a master’s in marketing a great choice if you are creative, communicative and love thinking out of the box. 


When it comes to the top master’s degrees to study, they are many and beyond. From a business master’s degree like an MBA or a master’s in finance to a marketing master’s degree or a degree in human resources to a computer science master’s, the sky’s the limit. These top master’s degrees offer you an awesome boost to your career and result in great salaries so they’ll truly be worth the investment. If you still don’t know which master’s degree of the top master’s degrees to pursue then Udrus can give you a helping hand so that you make the right choice.