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The Mediterranean area has a great reputation for being one of the most exciting destinations for living and studying. Indeed, Cyprus Republic is one of the most popular destinations globally, so no doubt that all international students will like to complete their certificates from its top-ranked universities. The location of Cyprus, where the sunny beaches, nice climate, and vast green areas make it the perfect option for students who are fans of fantastic nature.

In addition, the location of Cyprys between both European and Asian continents makes it a unique country. The countries that surround Cyprus are the most tourist destinations in the world. Cyprus culture is forming a charming mix between European and Asian culture; however its politically European and a member of the European Union.

Cyprus is one of the favs destinations for EU and non-European students for higher education and the fact that living and studying costs aren’t expensive compared to other education destinations in Europe.

Cyprus dedicates most of its gross domestic product annually to support the education sector and attract overseas students to study in it.

The universities offer a vast number of majors for international students, and the unique fields are those related to tourism & Leisure & Hospitality.

The applicable education system in Cyprus is the American system, and most leading universities there adopt this system. This feature qualifies you for the employment market and supports your chances to get the job you’ve always wanted it.

What are the used languages in Cyprus?

Universities for international students?
The basic language you have to master before studying abroad, regardless of the destination you want to go to, is the English language.
Generally, Private Universities in Cyprus tend to teach courses in English. In comparison, Public Universities prefer to teach courses in English and other foreign languages. So it’s up to you to determine whether to study in English or another language, which depends on the language you master.

That’s why the English proficiency scores are required in most official documents for applying, whether to student visa, universities, or courses. It’s a minor issue because you can research courses that are completely taught in English.

Heads Up: It’s necessary to pick up another language, such as the second official language in the host country. For example, in the Cyprus Republic, the second and third languages you have to learn besides English are Turkish and Greek.

If you want to travel to a country and study in it, you have to know a lot of information about the location, climate, features, and services there. What do you think if the country is Cyprus, heaven on the earth.


The Republic of Cyprus is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

It’s the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, and the 3rd country in the world in terms of population.

It has boundaries with Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Greece, and Egypt.

Heads Up: North Cyprus us under Turkey, but South Cyprus is the Cyprus itself.

So living in every single part differs in terms on the living costs, culture, people nature, Language, and overall environment of study there.


The weather in Cyprus tends to be wet due to the Mediterranean Sea.

The climate changes every year and it’s so treacherous.
In summer, the climate is hot and dry. In winter, it’s milder, and the rain come pouring down.
However, June and July are the most beautiful seasons for spending a good time in nature, hanging out with your friends, and having a chill day.


Cypriots are hospitable and friendly people who love to entertain, they place great emphasis on a good quality of life, and they love to work for a living and not to live to work.

The citizens of Cyprus are mostly educated, cultured people who value science and culture, and they are multi-ethnic and tolerant.

The Cypriot family has customs based on respect and appreciation for the elderly, and constant and intense communication between members of the same family.

Study Cost

For international student’s studying cost differs according to the chosen study course/major and the univerdity.

  • The cost for Bachelor’s undergraduate degree: around €3500 a year.
  • Except the pharmacy major: up to €7000 per year.
  • The cost for the Master’s degree or PHD course: tuition-fees varies between €2000 and 2500.

Living Cost

Affordability in Cyprus varies depending on many factors that directly affect the costs of food, accommodation, transportation, study facilities, budget and many others. So we’ll talk about every part separately.

Let’s review some prices of the necessities in the Cyprus Republic:


  • A one-course meal at an inexpensive restaurant: 12 EUR.
  • Meal for two persons at a mid-ranked restaurant: 45 EUR.
  • Fast food meal, such as MCmeal: 6 Eur.
  • 0.33-litre bottle of coke: 1.48 EUR.
  • One litre of milk: 1.36 EUR.
  • 500 g of white bread (a loaf): 1.43 EUR.
  • 1kg of rice: 1.80 EUR.
  • Twelve eggs: 2.54 EUR.
  • 1 kg of cheese: 9.5 EUR.
  • 1kg of chicken fillet: 6.79 EUR.
  • 1 kg of fruit, such as bananas, apples, oranges: 1-2 EUR.
  • 1 kg of tomato: 2.20 Eur.
  • 1 kg of potato: 0.87 EUR.
  • 1 kg of union: 0.85 EUR.


  • One-way ticket at local transport: 1.50 EUR.
  • Monthly pass: 40 EUR.
  • Taxi: 5 EUR.

Basic Utilities

  • Electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water, and Garbage: 139.11 EUR per month.
  • 1 min. Of Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local (without discounts): 0.10 EUR.
  • Internet, including 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, and Cable/ADSL: 37.46 EUR.


As an international student who come for the first time to Cyprus, you have to know that there are many types of accommodations you can rent. But I’ll share with you the most two popular accommodations for international students.

1-Dormitory and off campus.

If you like keeping your privacy and living by yourself, the perfect option for you is a single room.

How much?

It costs abour ÂŁ50 per month.

2-Shared Apartment

The second option is an apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom with a few students.

Studio accommodation is a common housing for international students in the first study years.

Here, everything will be on your control, such as kitchen and bathroom, and at the same time you will afford its costs alone.

How much?

It costs about TYR1000-2000.
You can share this apartment with other fellow students to reduce the housing expenses.

3-1+1 Apartment

1+1 apartment is good as well. You have your kitchen and bathroom, and you can call some students to live with you; it’s up to you!

How much?

It’s ranging between TRY1800-2500 per month.

Heads Up: 1+1 apartment is a one-room apartment, including a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and toilet. Some of these apartments also include dining room and sitting room.

4-2+1 Apartment

2+1 apartment that consists of two rooms and the same outbuildings in the 1+1 apartment. In some cases, the second room is the kitchen, so the kitchen is separated by walls.

How much?

It’s ranging between TRY1800-300 per month.

An overview about the living costs in Cyprus Republic

These costs vary according to many things related to the location of the apartment. The services presented in this apartment, the city you’ve chosen to live in, and many others.

  • A one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs about: 594.36 EUR.
  • A One-bedroom apartment outside the center of the selected city (the costs vary depending on whether the city is small or big and the lifestyle of people living there): 489.84 EUR.
  • A three-bedroom apartment in the city center costs about: 1.017.29 EUR.
  • A three-bedroom apartment outside the center of the selected city costs about: 857.96 EUR.


Best Universities in Cyprus for international students

1-Near East University

Let’s know more about this iconic university in Cyprus:

It was established in 1988 in Nicosia. It is distinguished by the high-quality educational programs and its possession of high-qualified teaching cadres. It includes 16 colleges with 220 departments and branches and is a member of many international federations.

2-Eastern Mediterranean University

Founded in 1979, it is a global university with government support, ranked second at the level of Cypriot universities and is a member of the European Union of Universities, with more than 20,000 students of different nationalities and 1,100 professors.

3-The Cyprus University of Health and Social Sciences

It was established in 2016, and it consists of two central departments, the Department of Medical Sciences and the Department of Social Sciences.

It has a prosperous and developed infrastructure and includes faculty members of different nationalities who are qualified and highly trained. The English language is used as the primary language of study.

4-Bahcesehir University, Cyprus

It was Founded in 2017 and is considered one of the best-distinguished universities in Northern Cyprus and is one of the branches of the international Bahçeşehir Foundation universities.

It has cooperation agreements with many universities globally, such as New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, and the Technical University of Berlin.

5-European University in Lefke

It was established by the Cyprus Science Foundation in 1989, a public university with 11 faculties, offering a wide range of programs that train its students to become professional and innovative after their graduation. Programs offered by the university include business administration, economics, journalism, special education, and advertising software engineering.

6-Cyprus College

Founded in 1961, it offers various programs of study that include two-year diploma courses up to a four-year bachelor’s degree course; these programs include aesthetics, business management, music technology, online marketing and social media.

7-Euro college

It was officially established as a higher education institution in 1991. The college offers many academic courses to its local and international students, including business administration, travel and tourism management, computer science, hospitality management, and accounting.

8-Girne University of America

Founded as an American-style higher education institution in 1985, it has educational partnerships with schools in various countries, including India, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan and the United States. It has ten colleges and nine schools offering a good range of programs to its students.

9-Cyprus Institute of Marketing

It was established in 1978 and is one of the cheap universities in Cyprus, has two campuses, and offers a suitable range of business-related courses, including Marketing Studies, Marketing Management, Business Administration, Insurance, Sales Management and Tourism Management.

10-Intercollegiate College

Founded in 1980 and is the most famous in Cyprus, this university accepted its first international students in 1981 and introduced its first bachelor’s degree programs in 1983. These programs include marine sciences, marine engineering, aesthetics, accounting and business administration.

11-University of Kyrenia

Formally established in 2013, its 14 colleges offer a range of programs to local and international students, including psychology, aviation management, marine engineering, fisheries technology engineering, law, and special education.

12-Cyprus Institute:

Founded in 2005, officially started working two years later, and signed several partnerships with different organizations and universities worldwide, including the University of Illinois and the Max Planck Society.

The Institute has many research facilities in which it works in cooperation with different organizations.
The Institute offers different master’s programs for students with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized academic institution.

13-Cyprus International University (Ciu)

It was established in 1997, north of the capital, Nicosia. It is a newly established private university, which has competed with all international universities and occupied high ranks, as it ranked second at the level of universities in Cyprus.

Other universities to check out in Cyprus:

1-University of Nicosia.

2-Cyprus University of Technology.

3-European University Cyprus.

4-Eastern Mediterranean University.

5-University Frederick.

What is the applying process? and how tp apply for the universities in Cyprus?

Requirements for applying to study in Cyprus are following from A to Z.

Just determine your university, course, and scholarship before starting in the submission process.

  • Complete your Cyprus student visa application form.
  • Valid passport.
  • Passport-sized pictures; however, the picture should be formal with white background.
  • Acceptance letter from the chosen university you’ve submitted for in Cyprus.
  • Academic qualifications certificate translated into English language.
  • Many certified copies of the translated documents.
  • Proof of having enough financial means for the total course.
  • If you have a sponsor, submit an evidence of the bank guarantee (No more than 6 months).
  • Police clearance.
  • Health insurance.
  • Medical check up documents.

Study Visa

Visa process and requirements for international students who are looking forward travel to Cyprus are easy and clear steps.

We’ll include step-by-step visa processing and increase your chances to get this visa of getting a Cyprus study visa.

You don’t need English tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or any other language tests to apply and get admission.

If you’re a non-EU student, you need this visa to enter Cyprus and get your job or complete your studies.

What are the required documents for a student visa to the Cyprus Republic?

The visa you have to get is a study visa whose duration is more than 90 days.

The complete steps of how you get this visa as soon as possible:

  • You have to apply for any university in Cyprus through the official university’s website.
  • Receiving a conditional or unconditional offer letter from the chosen university.
  • You have to fulfill the conditions that include in this letter to receive an acceptance letter.
  • Prepare the other required documents and submit them to send to the migration department.
  • If your visa gets approved, the chosen university will send you a copy of your study visa.
  • The university will arrange an appointment for the acceptance interview at the Cyprus embassy in your country.

After Covid-19, the interview is done online; in addition, some countries in the world were under war, and it’s a reasonable reason.

Heads Up: You have to apply for a study visa in Cyprus at least 2-3 months before starting your chosen course.

Why Study In Cyprus

Studying in Cyprus is more than a study journey; it’s an charm living experience, brilliant adventure, and new life in one of the most spectacular islands on the earth.

Living in Cyprus is a lifetime of creativity in the most masterpiece place in the world.
Here are some reasons why you have to be Cyprus is your destination to complete your high studies abroad.

1-Charm nature & environment:

You’ll have a good time with your fellow students and housemates because heaven is a place on earth in Cyprus.

You feel relax and breathe bacteria free air. You can do many outdoor activities, which may help you to be more extended and friendly, and make new friends there.

2-Learning new culture and languages

Cybrus is divided into two parts, the first one is under Turkey control, and the second is original Cyprus. So you can exchange cultures with people there and learn more about their historicsl events, natural landscapes, and have fun under the sunshine.

In addition, people there speak many languages and accents. All you have to do is to improve your English language and learn some Turkish.

3-High-quality education system:

Cyprus is one of the most leading cities in the world for study and work. You’ll get a high quality education and graduate from your university with high qualifications in your major.

4-No IELTS or TOEFL requirement:

Most international students in the world upset about passing the certified English exam, in addition to, the additional expenses that they have to pay.

Some scores maybe unsatisfying and university may demands more scores. Cyprus doesn’t demand this requirement, and it’s one of the upsides studying in Cyprus.

5-High visa success rate:

Getting acceptance is up to 99%. International students can get a student visa easily.

The process of applying for Cyprus study visa is so accessible. In addition, after arriving in Cyprus, students can apply for short residence in the migration department, and the required documents are available and not very sophisticated.

6-Current funds Acceptable:

Thousans of scholarships are issued every year for studying in Cyprus.

Most public Government Universities support the study journey of internationa students and fund their studies to the very end.

7-Low tuition-fees:

The study cost in Cyprus is lower than other countries in the world.

In addition, living cost is affordable according to international students who don’t have substained financing.

In addition, there are several options of accommodations depending on their budgets; tge same thing is applied for the rest of the expenses.

8-Work part-time is allowed:

You’re allowed to work part-time in Cyprus; that way you can save your money and cover living expenses there.


There are some ways to study in Cyprus for free, here you are some of them:

Fully-funded Scholarships

Enquiring fully-funded scholarships for international students from developing and developed countries is the best way to study in Cyprus for free. Most scholarships issued by the local institutions in Cyprus afford all or most study and living costs there.
So the first simple step to stay in the loop and up to date about the recent scholarships is to check out the official websites for the Cyprus universities and scholarships.

Discounts for International Students in Cyprus

Generally, there are a lot of discounts for students in Cyprus, and no harm if you benefit from the tuition-free education.

Applying as Soon as Possible

Once the information becomes available on the internet, you have to start applying for scholarships. No doubt that the opportunity comes to those ready for it, so you have to prepare your documents for applying and be one of the first applicants for the scholarship.

Heads Up: It’d be better to be all required documents on-hand before beginning applying process for a student visa, courses, universities, or scholarships.

Local Financial Aid from your Homecountry

Most Arab countries worldwide may struggle and face many difficulties to fund their citizens’ studies abroad. Don’t worry about that because you may get government financial aid from your country. If this way is failed, there are a lot of organizations that can fund your studies or at least afford a considerable part of your study costs.

Many countries present government scholarships for their citizens, and you can apply for them instead of universities abroad.

Heads Up: No harm if you try to research the possibilities to get monetary support from your country before seeking financial help from external sources.

Affordable Universities in Cyprus

There are many affordable universities in the Cyprus Republic. This feature will allow you to study there for free or with lower study costs than other universities in Cyprus.

Most leading scholarships in Cyprus Republic

Many universities in Cyprus offer scholarships to advanced students at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, and they are awarded 30 to 60 days before the start of the semester.

These scholarships are offered either as full scholarships or partial scholarships.

The total scholarship includes university tuition costs, housing, living costs for one year, and fixed costs of 120 TL for one year, while the partial scholarship includes living costs for one year and fixed costs of 120 TL for one year.

Among these grants are:

International Student Scholarship

All undergraduate students are granted a 60% scholarship in all departments, covering 75% and 100% of the tuition fee, for 4 years in an undergraduate program, plus 1 year in an English language preparatory program if required.

Western Cyprus University Academic Excellence Scholarship

Undergraduate students who have studied for at least two semesters, achieved at least 3.00 cumulative general score (CGPA) and 3.50 cumulative general score (GPA) will get the Western Cyprus International University Scholarship at 25% to 75% tuition fees according to their educational status.

It is possible to apply in any field of study specified by the scholarship in advance at the university. The student holds a previous degree in line with the requirements of the scholarship program and must obtain a recognized academic qualification.

This scholarship finances tuition fees and requires that documents be translated through a certified translator and must always accompany the original documents as well, a copy of the passport or national ID, statement of purpose, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation, curriculum vitae, statement of school or university grades, and certificates Training (if applicable), and a white background photograph.

Near East University Postgraduate Scholarship

For this scholarship, a student wishing to study for a master’s degree must have a copy of the bachelor’s degree, transcripts, a copy of the passport, letters of recommendation, if any, and the application form.

These scholarships do not cover foundation courses and middle school fees in English and Turkish.

Students with 70% and 75% scholarships are also required to publish one article in one of the journals published by Near East University. Students awarded 100%, 95%, 90%, and 85% are required to complete 3 credit courses of lectures, and one article must be published in One of the journals published by Near East University.

A student wishing to study for a doctorate is required to have a copy of the bachelor’s degree, transcript, copy of the master’s certificate, transcript, copy of the passport, letters of recommendation if available, CV, application form, and essential information regarding PhD scholarships for international students.

These scholarships do not cover foundation courses and middle school fees in English and Turkish and are valid for 4 years.

Students awarded 70% and 75% are required to complete 3 credit courses of lectures and must publish 2 articles in total Students awarded 100%, 95%, 90% and 85% are required to complete 6 credit courses and must publish 2 articles in total.

Eastern Mediterranean University Scholarships

Eastern Mediterranean University offers a scholarship of 50% of the tuition fees for all international students applying to study bachelor’s or master’s programs, except for the Faculty of Pharmacy students, where students receive scholarships based on their academic achievement in high school. The value of the scholarship ranges between 25% and 50% of Tuition fees only.

The university also offers a 100% scholarship available to students who excel and wish to study for a bachelor’s degree. This scholarship includes all colleges and study programs except for the College of Medicine, which does not have any scholarship available.

This university offers one scholarship for the doctoral program 100% or two scholarships of 50% for two students in each faculty.