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The island of Ireland is located in Northwest Europe and North Atlantic and is the second-largest island. Its total area covered 84,421 square kilometers. The island of Ireland has a population of 4.9 million people, 

in addition to having parliamentary democracy in Ireland. The economic policies are stable for being the third-largest island in Europe.

Where is the Island of Ireland?

Ireland is located on the westernmost edge of Europe. As some people know, the Island of Ireland is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. 

Ireland was split into two parts the Republic of Ireland, and Northern Ireland, which was separated from England. Its length is 486 km and the width is 275 km, It is considered as one of the oldest civilizations worldwide.

The capital of Ireland

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the largest city on this Island. In addition, it is also bounded by the Irish Sea coast on the east shoar at the mouth of the River Liffey. 

Dublin has unique places which make the city a tourist distinction, such as the huge Phoenix Park which contains Dublin Zoo, Dublin Castle, National Museum of Ireland. So, you will enjoy seeing Dublin.

Do you know the language of Ireland?

Irish language and Irish Gaeilge are languages spoken in Ireland. Goidelic language is considered as one of the Indo-European language family.

In schools, the Irish language is officially taught in them and demanded by civil-service posts. 

Irish people speak the English language because Ireland was part of England and they consider it as their first language.

Currency & economy

Euro is the currency in Ireland and it is shared by some EU countries. One and two cents were dropped from circulation by Ireland, in addition to accepting the Visa, Mastercard, they use American Express. 

Anyone can use credit cards and cash from ATMs but for debit and credit card transactions, they use the system which is “chip and pin” for security.

The nature of Irish people

Ireland was affected by English, Scottish culture, and the Anglo-Normans invaded. It inherited the European and English, and Celtic Nation traditions.

So, it contains a group of people who are a mixture of many different nations. For example, there are cultural differences between immigrants and the settlers population and between Catholic and Protestant people. 

Irish people have many celebrations like Halloween and Saint Patrick’s Day. If you take a look at Irish people, you will see incredible people. They like to have fun, so they are well-known as a very laid-back nation.

How the climate in Ireland

Have you ever heard anything about the climate in Ireland?

The climate Is Humid, mild, and changeable in Ireland with heavy rains and many know that the climate in Ireland is an oceanic climate.

In winter, it is milder than other regions at the same latitude. You find that Mullingar is the coldest area, and Kilkenny Castle recorded the highest temperature in Ireland. 

So, you have to make sure of the temperatures of the area in which you have decided to go.

Facts about Ireland

1- Dublin is the capital of Ireland.

2- Ireland doesn’t have land borders with any country except one which is England.

3- The Euro is the currency of Ireland.

4- Ireland has a long river (the River Shannon.)

5- Carrauntoohil is the highest mountain in Ireland.

6- Shamrock is the symbol of Ireland.

Study Cost

Choosing an Irish University is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, combining historical cities, beautiful scenery, and a unique heritage with a fantastic higher education experience. 

Irish qualifications are the same as the UK equivalents, so the students there will have an advanced education in line with the times to be equipped for the work market.

Cost of Studying in Ireland

When you think about studying abroad in Ireland, bear in mind the study cost will be affordable compared to other countries in Europe such as the United Kingdom or France.

the average costs of the important aspects of the study in Ireland.

  • UG Courses : it costs around 9,850- 2,250 EUR (INR 9,00,000- 22,00,000)
  • PG Courses: it costs about 9,950- 35,000 EUR (INR 9,00,000- 31,00,000) annually. 
  • Student Visa costs 60 EUR (INR 5,280)
  • English Language Course: it costs 150- 950 EUR (INR 13,000- 80,000)
  • MBA program costs around 20,000 EUR to 35,000 EUR (INR 17,53,200-30,68,100)
  • Master’s degree costs 4,000 – 9000 EUR (INR 3,50,624- 7,88,940)
  • MBBS INR 24 lakhs is around 27,106 EUR (INR 36 lakhs)

tuition fees of the universities in Ireland

In terms of living costs, prospective students can expect to pay within the range of 600 to 1000 EUR monthly, depending on the location or the city as well as the student’s requirements.

The average tuition fees of public universities cost about 6,000 to 12,000 EUR per academic year.

As for postgraduate programs, the average tuition fees range from 6,150 to 15,000 EUR annually.

Who can study in Ireland for free? 

  1. domestic students are exempted from paying tuition fees of public universities. 
  2. Students from European Union or European Economic Area countries are also exempted from the tuition fees.
  3. students who obtain a fully-funded or partially-funded scholarship.  
  4. students who holder the resident card in Ireland
  5. the student have lived in the European Union for three of the previous five years
  6. Your course has to be full-time and lasts two years at least.

Cheap Universities in Ireland for International Students

Tuition fees vary considerably depending on the institution and the study program, here is the list of the cheapest universities in Ireland

  • Trinity College Dublin, the average tuition fee costs around 17,000 EUR annually.
  • University of Limerick, the average tuition fee is around 1200 EUR per academic year.
  • The University College, Cork, the tuition fees start from 10,000 EUR.
  • Dublin Business School has tuition fees ranging from 5000 to 7000 EUR.
  • St. Patricks’ College costs around 4500 EUR per year.
  • Griffith College, Dublin, the amount of tuition fee is about 12,000 EUR.

What are the subject fees in Ireland? 

  1. Engineering: 10,000 – 21,600 EUR
  2. Arts and humanities: 10,000 – 16,500 EUR
  3. Sciences: 10,000 – 21,600 EUR
  4. Business: 10,000 – 16,000 EUR
  5. Medicine: 31,000 – 50,000 EUR

Why do international students pursue their higher education in Ireland? 

The education system in Ireland is supported by the Irish government offering several opportunities to international students such as scholarships or financial aid to help students continue their higher studies.

Living Cost

Before you move to another country, you have to know the cost of living in the host country such as rent, food costs, and transportation because the cost varies from one country to another.

costs and lifestyle of Ireland

Although we can say that Ireland is not an expensive country, one has to have enough income to live a good life. The cost of living is not as exorbitant as other countries like England and Sweden. 

However, any person who decides to come to Ireland should not expect to save a lot of money but should expect to save enough money to live. 

There are cities that provide a larger international community for immigrants and expats such as Dublin, Cork, Galway, and Limerick.

Cork and Dublin, among the cities, are expensive: Dublin 6.000 EUR for a family of four.

Cork 4.700 EUR for a family at four

Cork 2.000 EUR for a single Expat

Food cost

Do you think that eating out is expensive? If you want to buy a cheap meal (less than 10 EUR), you will find it at restaurants or cafes; on the other hand, if you want to buy an expensive one at a cheap restaurant the cost will be 15 EUR. 

Finally, the restaurant and your salary will determine your choice when you want to eat out.


Waterford and Galway have low costs of living, but Dublin, Limerick, and Cork have higher costs than other cities. Remember that living beside public transportation will cost you more.

Most expats prefer to live in the outskirts of Dublin because the rental prices will be lower than the rental prices within the city. For one-bedroom, the monthly rental price in Dublin is 1.700, Cork EUR 1.00, and Waterford 750 EUR.


The average cost of transportation in Ireland is affordable to take a bus or train. 

Ireland has the Leap system which you can use through a mobile app. It is important to know that 2 EUR is the cost of a single fare for bus or train and the most popular option in Dublin is buses.

Also, there are in Dublin the LUAS (Dublin’s tram network), and DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit). Do you know that the bus service, called Bus Éireann, operates in Cork and Limerick and it is the most important public bus system among cities. 

in addition to Irish Rial which services All the cities in Ireland, and we must not forget the “bike sharing” that allows people using rent/borrow bikes for their regular commutes. So, it is easy public transportation you can use in Ireland.

Health insurance

Healthcare insurance is very important in any country and it is used to pay for private care in hospitals. Most insurance companies have agreements with hospitals and offer many services which cover Psychiatric treatment, Maternity benefits, Daycare/in-patient treatment, and others. 

By the way, Healthcare insurance supports during COVID-19


Electricity in Ireland 

Do you know that Electricity is privatized in Ireland, this means that anyone can choose the company which he wants. Both electricity and gas are provided by many energy suppliers and the Network which is responsible for operating electricity in Ireland is ESB Networks.


central heating and generating electricity uses natural gas. Also, there are many private companies which supply the houses with gas, so you can choose which company you want.


The Irish government created a company which provides clean and safe water. The local authorities in Ireland provide water and wastewater.


Take in your consideration that some universities in Ireland help students to find suitable housing or offer accommodation on their campus.

Types of accommodation 

With home to over 32,000 international students, Ireland has become the best destination for studying abroad.

In Ireland, there are two main accommodations for international students: 

  1. on-campus 

This type is very appropriate for those who like to stay gathering with colleagues, experience student life, access to amenities and facilities, and immersion in other cultures. moreover, take part in diverse activities, and gives them easy access to campus facilities like libraries, labs, cafes, and restaurants

This type of accommodation refers to domes, hostels, and apartments on the University campus. 

The average cost varies depending on the university, the location of the campus, and the kind of accommodation. 

A room will cost the student between 4,000 EUR (INR 3.4 lakhs) and 6,000 EUR (INR 5 lakhs) per year, while it costs 500 EUR (INR 43000) per month.

 If the student needs to save some money, he or she can share a room with others, with an average annual cost of 3,500 EUR (INR 3 lakhs).

  1. off-campus

This accommodation option is good for students who prefer to stay in a private home to have more space, privacy and a sense of independence. This type refers to houses, apartment-style buildings, and homestays located outside the campus areas.

The renting options may be more flexible and less expensive. A single room costs from 180 EUR (INR 15000) to EUR 200 (INR 17000) monthly, in addition to 30 EUR(INR 2500) for utilities. the average costs for a shared room starting from 130 EUR (INR 11000) to EUR 150 (INR 13000) monthly. 


Aside from its beautiful land, quality of life, and rich history, Ireland has the most prestigious and prominent universities worldwide make it the home for international students from different nationalities 

the top universities in Ireland

Ireland has the best educational system in Europe with eight universities and more than 35,000 courses and programs, its universities offer first-rate education in a traditional, yet modern setting. 

Every year, Irish universities welcome Thousands of international students who seek to continue their higher education in the finest universities. 

1- Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin)

one of the best and famous universities in Ireland is located in Dublin city and was founded in 1592. The university is a non-profit public higher-education institution that ranked 101st in the world, It is also the 8th most international university. moreover, it is one of the seven ancient universities of Britain and Ireland.

TCD is widely considered one of Europe’s elite universities, with 17,000 students offering the best programs to undergraduates and postgraduates, it is divided into three faculties comprising 23 schools with numerous disciplines: 

  • Art 
  • Humanities
  • Social science 
  • Engineering 
  • Math 
  • Science 
  • Health Science

Trinity College provides several academic and non-academic facilities and services to students including sports facilities, administrative services as well as a large library.  

2- University College Cork

University College Cork is a public higher education institution in Ireland, officially it was founded in 1845, the main building of the university is located in Cork, the second-largest city in Ireland. 

UCC boasts a vibrant, modern campus with a unique student experience as well as advanced and attractive Infrastructure including the functioning library. 

The university’s strategy is concrete on innovation, creation, and equipped its students for the labor market.  

University College Cork offers 120 degree and advanced programs based on its four Colleges:

  • Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
  • Science, Engineering and Food Science
  • Medicine and Health
  • Business and Law
  • Medicine and Health

 3- Dublin City University

Dublin City University is one of the highest-ranking universities in Ireland situated in Dublin, established in 1975.

DCU is one of the world’s leading young universities and according to QS Graduate Employability 2021, the university was ranked 1st in Ireland and 19th in the world. 

Each year, more than 12,000 students enroll in the university and 16% are international students. the university offers a wide range of UG, PG, and doctoral programs are taught in 4 faculties

  • faculty of Humanities
  • Social Science
  • DCU Institute of Education
  • Faculty of Science and Health
  • Faculty of Engineering and Computing.

4- University of Limerick

The University of Limerick is a higher education institution located in Limerick, Ireland, and was founded in 1972. 

It is one of the best universities in Ireland. Although it is young, it takes a prominent position among the elite universities in the country.

It is an international university with more than 15,000 students, offering high-quality, innovative degree programs. moreover, it has a range of programs up to doctoral levels in the disciplines of:

  •  Arts
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Business
  • Education and Health Sciences
  • Science and Engineering.

5- National University of Ireland, Galway

The National University of Ireland, Galway ranks among the top 1% of Universities worldwide. It is one of the prestigious universities in Ireland established in 1845 in Galway city.

NUI Galway has a spectacular location that boasts the unique landscape and culture of the west of Ireland with nearly 17,000 students, 12% are international students.

The university offers several varieties of courses, including courses specifically for international students about Irish culture, history, and language. it also includes:

  • College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies
  • College of Business, Public Policy, and Law
  • College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science
  • College of Science and Engineering

6- Technological University Dublin

DIT is one of the finest, important public institutions in Ireland. Its history is traced back to 1887 located in Dublin. 

Technological University Dublin is a comprehensive higher education institution with more than 14,000 students, they learn in a practice-based environment informed by the newest research and equipped by technological advances.

TU Dublin offers many types of programs level, consists of five colleges: 

  • College of Sciences & Health
  • College of Engineering & Built Environment
  • College of Business
  • College of Arts & Tourism
  • College of Technology and Computer


Ireland offers an array of scholarships for international students to reduce the cost of studying in Ireland.

Although the Irish universities are the cheapest ones in Europe, the government in Ireland offers many types of scholarships for international students that greatly decrease the cost of education in Ireland.

top scholarships in Ireland for international students

  • National University of Ireland (NUI) Grant Scheme for Students with Disabilities provides financial support for undergraduate
  • National Council for Blind Ireland (NCBI) Gerard Byrne Bursary is awarded the value of 1,500 EUR annually.
  • The Society of St Vincent de Paul Education provides meaningful, multiannual financial support.
  • UNIVERSITY Higher Education Scholarships for Adult Learners
  • Erasmus+
  • UCC Excellence Scholarships
  • Naughton Scholarships
  • Trinity College Dublin Scholarships
  • UCD Sutherland School of Law
  • University of Limerick Scholarships
  • IAA Geoffrey O’Byrne White Memorial funding for International Students
  • Undergraduate Academic Scholarship offering 2000 EUR
  • Ph.D. Studentship in Electrical Detection of Atmospheric Radicals.

Who can apply for Irish scholarships? 

To be eligible for Irish scholarships, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • English proficiency certificate 
  • good academic score
  • all the students from different nationalities are eligible for the scholarships.
  • good health.

How to Apply for an Ireland Scholarship?

  1. The student must register online via the Irish Research Council website.
  2. Complete the applicable registration form 
  3. After receiving a confirmation email including your username and password, you should access the online system here using the login details provided.
  4. Now you can create and edit your application prior to the application deadline and then submit it.

Study Visa

The students who wish to pursue their studies in Ireland must obtain an Ireland student visa to enter Ireland before they travel here.

What type of visa does the student need? 

A student visa in Ireland is a certificate placed on a student’s passport or travel document that allows the student to travel to Ireland legally. while the type of visa the student needs depends on the purpose and duration of the student’s stay in Ireland.

  • short-stay visa:  type “C” visa is issued to students who need to stay in Ireland for less than 3 months.
  • long-stay visa: If your courses or programs last for more than 3 months, you have to apply to type “D”.

Check if you don’t need an Irish Visa

  1. a student from the EU or the EEA (the EU plus Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein)
  2. the student who holds a travel document issued by an EEA member country. 
  3. The student has a residence card issued by an EEA country because the student is a family member of an EEA citizen.
  4. if you have a short stay visa for the UK, you can travel to Ireland without a visa.

How to apply for an Ireland student visa?

the student has to apply for a visa from your home country or a country where he or she has legal residence. the student Prepare the application three months before you travel.

student application has 3 steps:

  1. Create a visa application online
  2. Pay the visa application fee
  3. Send your passport and other documents for processing.



Ireland is a part of the European Union even though Ireland removes a lot of the complications and bureaucracy and provides a lot of facilities for international students to study in Ireland freely. 

So, if you are interested in studying in Ireland, you have to find an appropriate program in the university and apply for your study visa three months before you plan to arrive in Ireland.

requirements to a student visa in Ireland 

Ireland has seen an increase in student visa applications in recent years referring to a high quality of life, a strong education system, and prominent features of the universities.  However, the student who wishes to study in Ireland must prepare a set of required documents. 

  • The application visa must apply online via the website.
  • Two passport-sized pictures, in line with Ireland photo requirements.
  • valid passport 
  • Proof of sufficient funds that a student can support himself for the duration of the studies with a minimum of 7,000 EUR annually. 
  • Copies of any previous passports.
  • evidence of accommodation.
  • A self-addressed, where the Irish authorities can return student’s passport and other documents.
  • proof an English language certificate such as TOEFL or IELTS,
  • Proof medical insurance that covers at least 25,000 EUR for emergency cases.

Head up: All the requirements the student submit have to be in English. If they are not, they must be translated to the English language by an official translator and notarized.

head up: the student must be enrolled in an Irish educational institution, pay the required fees, and enter an English language test, Before applying for the Ireland Student Visa


Why Study In Ireland

Studying in Ireland is a popular destination for international students who endeavor to complete their higher education in different programs.

Schools and universities in Ireland place a great position in a global education system, it is ranked at top of the world’s universities.

Ireland is a small country but Ireland’s cities have one of the most famous beautiful nature in the world. Before you go to study in Ireland, you have to know some information about this country and why you would decide to go there.

Why Ireland is the best for international students? 

Because of the quality education system in Ireland, and thousands of course choices, many international students decide to study in this country. 

Ireland offers post-study work visas to international students and that makes it the main destination of foreign students. You will meet a lot of like-minded students from over 160 different countries which makes the study more interesting.

Ireland has a lot of experiences for foreign students and is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

What makes Ireland iconic?

Although Ireland is considered a small country, Irish people are proud of their progress in many fields. It is important to know that the education system in Ireland is one of the best education systems in the world. 

The best companies in the world have an important strategy that allows international students to join their research programs. Do you know that the Universities in Ireland are considered as the top 3% worldwide?

Some features of study in Ireland 

  • Study methods in Ireland are similar in the United Kingdom. Keep in mind that studying in English is available in Ireland, so you have an option in this field.
  • The tutor and international office on campus are ready to help and do not be shy and ask them for assistance and they will advise you. 
  • Irish people are hospital people, and this makes you feel comfortable when you meet them.
  •  Major cities in Ireland offer everything you need, even though It is a small country.
  • Ireland is a beautiful and picturesque country with extraordinary nature.
  • English is the primary language and people there have a high quality of education and culture.
  • The living costs of Ireland are affordable for students and most universities in Ireland offer fully-funded scholarships for international students.