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Poland is continuously becoming the most famous study abroad destination among international students aiming to pursue higher education and earn an international degree.

Maximum students migrate to Poland to pursue degrees in the field of medicinal science, economics, business, engineering, arts and more. The quality of life offered in the European country is of the highest standards.

The low tuition fees, world-class infrastructure and its connection with several other European countries, makes Poland a hub of education and high-paying job opportunities.

There are over 400 universities where you apply for an internationally acclaimed degree. The cost of living in Poland is also very affordable. The country is also the safest option for students because of its diverse culture.

Every year more than a million students from around the globe visit Poland to take admission. The cities of Poland have rich history, and diverse culture due to international students and professionals.

Wroclaw, Warsaw, Lublin, and Poznan are few cities where you can mingle with locals and indulge in different traditions gaining lifelong experiences.

Gaining a Polish student visa opens the door of opportunities for every student. The degrees are internationally accepted and recognized worldwide. You’ll get access to European Study Programs which will help you in skilling yourself.

Upon graduation, the Polish government may grant you a post-study work visa making you eligible to stay in the country for an year or more to find suitable job to build a successful career.

The university also offers various internship opportunities which will help you in building networks in the industry. Since the Polish country is situated in the middle of Europe, it will connect you with wider opportunities as well.

The cost of living in Poland is highly affordable. The tuition fee is also low, and the various scholarships and bursaries offered by the universities and different organizations, will help you save a lot of your saving funds. The students in Poland can work part-time without any permit as well.

Though there are more aspects of living in Poland which you should know about, such as:

  • How to obtain a student visa in Poland?
  • Best universities to take admission.
  • Cost of living and types of accommodation.
  • Clothes you need to pack as per weather.
  • Post-study work visa eligibility.
  • Funds required to study in Poland.
  • Important documents to submit to be eligible for admission, and more.

We have gathered all the relevant information to help you settle in Poland. If you have any more doubts and queries, you can find the answers with us easily!

Study Cost

Studying in Poland is extremely affordable hence the reason maximum international students are attracted to pursue higher education in the country.

If you are an European citizen, it will be most beneficial for you to study in Poland as it is connected with the best of organizations and the tuition fee at the Higher Education Institutions will be zero.

Though if you are a Non-European student, you’ll have to pay the tuition fees. However, the fees are extremely affordable so it will be a win-win situation.

If you want to keep your stay in Poland under the budget then you’ll have to also keep a check on your living costs as well. Tuition fee is a primary expenditure when you go to study in any university in Poland.

Since there are two types of universities consisting of public and private, try to choose public universities as they will cost you less in comparison to private institutions. Private universities charge high fees because of the lavish facilities and infrastructure they provide.

A huge campus does not mean that the value of a degree from a public university with a smaller campus will be less. While finding a university, conduct a thorough research. Check if the university’s curriculum of the particular course is up-to-date with the industry demands or not.

In the present time, industries want professionals with a degree that matches their expectations and business requirements. Maximum academic institutions have updated their curriculum while few are still offering the traditional course structure.

A degree with no industry value will be of no use to you and will not return the ROI of money you’ll be investing on your education and the living expenditure.

You’ll be asked to prove your English language proficiency via test scores of exams such as IELTS, TOEFL or PTE. Here’s the primary cost of studying in Poland for you-

Bachelor’s degree500-6000 Euro
Master’s degree1000-8000 Euro
Dentistry degree15,000 Euro annually
Business degree15,000-18,000 Euro annually

Apart from this if you take up any English or Polish language course, it will charge you around 300-2000 Euros. Most of the universities offer the Polish language classes for free so do not forget to check with the university management before paying for any classes.

Living Cost

Cost of living in Poland is highly affordable if you know how to maintain your budget properly. Planning your finances is extremely important if you choose to go to another country and complete your higher education as there are various factors that demand the expenses.

If you are low on your budget and lose out the money and spend it on useless things then you won’t be able to be on top of your game. Read ahead to find out the financial expenses apart from study and accommodation costs-

  • Food in Poland will cost you around 100-200 Euro monthly. You can save your money if you choose to eat home cooked meals and not in restaurants every day. For meals in restaurants, you’ll have to pay 5 Euro to 30 Euro for a full course meal. A drink in Poland will cost you around 2 Euro.
  • Travelling in Poland will cost you around 15 Euro for a semester if you apply for a pass. A pass will be valid for 6 months which will save a major part of your budget. However, if you own a car, you’ll just have to pay 1 Euro per litre for gasoline like the other 18% of the student population.
  • Internet facility will cost you 12 Euro per month which is extremely affordable.
  • Basic utilities will be around 150 Euro a month.
  • One big mac meal will cost you 4.77 Euros only.
  • Dormitory will cost you 80 Euro per month and will help you save a lot of money.
  • Health insurance in Poland costs 13 Euro per month for an individual.
  • Gymnasium fees are approximately 22 Euro per month.
  • A movie ticket is 4.5 Euro which you can buy twice or once every month to indulge in leisure activities.
Rent in dormitory.80 Euro per month
Public transport.15 Euro per semester
Health Insurance.13 Euro per month
Basic utilities.150 Euro per month
Internet.12 Euro per month
Groceries.150-200 Euro per month
Food.100-200 Euro per month
Entertainment.33-45 Euro per month

Students also pick part-time or full-time jobs which help them in staying afloat. If you find the right job you can save a lot of money and build connections as well which will help you find a great opportunity to kick start your dream career in Poland.

Studying abroad will help you learn a lot of great lessons in life and will help you become independent. Join your dream university today and give wings to your dreams.


Accommodation is one aspect that we often ignore and leave it at the last minute. We forget that accommodation takes up almost 35% of the living cost wherever we go. There are various options for international students in terms of accommodation.

As an international student who is living out of the house, you will have to keep your budget in check so avoid extra and useless expenditure.

You can choose to live in a separate apartment, if the rent is no issue for you. Or, you can also choose to live in a shared apartment, split the rent with your housemates and save a huge portion of your budget.

1-Residence halls

The accommodations are available at the university or private. The residence halls at the universities cost 150-60 Euros per month while the shared flat costs 150-80 Euros per month.

The residence halls at the university are great for making new friends, mingling with everyone and it is safe as well. However, the shared flat system is the most popular among the students considering it gives the freedom and personal space to individuals.

2-Private apartment

If you plan to take up an apartment on your own then you might have to pay a whopping rent of 465-300 Euros per month which may burn a hole in your pockets. If you live alone, you’ll also have to pay food costs, electricity bill, maintenance fees and more all on your own.

3-Shared Apartment

If you live in a shared space, you can split the rent and the additional costs as well which will help you in saving a lot. You can save money by eating home cooked meals, taking public transport and getting a student pass to get discounts. Ensure that the property you are taking up is near the university to save your time.

Before deciding on the accommodation, also consider the geographical location of your university.

Check if it’s situated in a safe city, if the neighborhood is safe for students. Most of the international students prefer to live where the other students from the same ethnicity live to maintain connections.

International students in Poland are accepted and valued highly. The country is rich in culture and heritage and holds a powerful history.

If you rent an apartment, and wish to live without interference from hosts, speak to your landlord and tell them in advance. Also, don’t forget to negotiate before settling on any price.

Inform your landlords if you are taking up a job and the timings to avoid any miscommunication later.

Udrus can also help you in finding suitable accommodation in Poland. You can simply connect with us and tell us what you require and we’ll suggest the best options available in Poland for international students.


As mentioned, Poland houses some of the world’s best universities in the world. There are more than 500 universities out of which maximum are private education institutions. According to the QS University Rankings, 14 Polish universities rank in the top 100 list. Here’s a detail about some of the best universities where you can pursue higher education in Poland-

University of Warsaw

The state funded university is one of the most prestigious universities Poland has to offer. It currently ranks 6th in the EECA rankings. The university was founded in 1816. There are more than 50,000 students enrolled out of which there are 5000 international students from different parts of the world.

The university conducts research work and has maximum numbers of research patents on its name. The placement rate of the university is more than 94% and almost all the students find jobs within one month of receiving the degree.

The university has 25+ programs taught in the English language to help attract international students. There are over 90 diploma programs and courses in 37 different languages.

Visit the official website of the University of Warsaw

Jagiellonian University

JU is one of Poland’s oldest universities and has an outstanding record of producing several outstanding scholars who are succeeding in every field in the market.

More than 40,00 students are enrolled in the university currently and over 4500 faculties holding rich experience in various fields. The world-class infrastructure and facilities strives to create an engaging atmosphere for research scholars.

The university offers a huge range of specialization programs, related to European integration. The degrees offered by JU are accepted and valued globally helping students kick start their career in any part of the world. There are plenty of scholarships offered to deserving students to continue their education without any hesitation.

Visit the University’s website from here.

University of Wroclaw

Considered as one of the best public academic institutions in the entire Poland, University of Wroclaw offers a huge range of courses in various fields.

The university boasts of world-class infrastructure and has all the modern amenities a student can wish for. There are more than 80 bachelor programs and 55 master programs for you to choose from. There are 10 different faculties including legal studies, political science, journalism and mass communication, tourism, computer science, chemistry, engineering, biotechnology and more.

20,000+ students are enrolled in the University of Wroclaw for full-time courses and 5000+ students in part-time courses. Numerous scholarships and grants are offered to the students.

Udrus can you apply for a scholarship to continue your education in the university, connect today.

Click here to go to the University’s website.

Cracow University of Economics

The university was founded in 1925, and is the largest economic university in the country. Currently more than 13,000 students are enrolled in the university, which also includes international students. The campus is spread over 7 hectares providing extremely large space to students.

There is a fully equipped gym, a huge pool, conference rooms and one fitness room for students to indulge in recreational activities. The campus is also well equipped and prepared by keeping disabled students in mind which is highly commendable.

The student’s interest is represented to the management by the student parliament responsible for conducting integration events, charity, and different projects for continuous growth.

The university in collaboration with biggest companies in Poland conduct Business Academics to provide practical learning to students.

There are IT centers, digital learning laboratories, virtual science labs, a fully equipped library and an in-house printing and publishing center.

The official website is here

Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

The public university is dedicated to creating and becoming an example of best quality education providers. There are more than 37,000 students enrolled in different programs. #00+ teaching staff, 370+ tenured university staff, 800 professors, and more than 1700+ senior lecturers and doctors are currently employed at the AMU.

The BA, and MA programs are offered in English language, and in more than 40 languages. Here’s why you should go to study at AMU-

  • Highly affordable fees
  • Diverse student body
  • Safe environment in and around the campus
  • Excessive business and career opportunities due to the geographic location
  • Comprehensive list of programs offered
  • Highly advanced curriculum
  • Extreme research opportunities
  • Disabled friendly programs and campus
  • Numerous scholarship opportunities

Visit the official website of the Adam Mickiewicz University

Maria Curie- Sklodowska University in Lublin

It is one of the biggest public universities in the Easter Poland region. The university offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs.

Over 20,000 students are enrolled currently in over 70 disciplines. The MCSU also offers Foreign Language Teaching center, Botanical Gardens, Academic Sports Centre and Polish Language and Culture Centre. Why you should study at MCSU-

  • Setting highest standard of quality education.
  • Affordable fee structure.
  • The degrees are recognized and highly-valued in the European Market.
  • In-campus housing facility.
  • International Students office to help students settle in Poland.
  • Polish Language course is delivered for free to help students learn English and gain advantage while looking for jobs.
  • Multi-scholarship opportunities available.
  • Strong alumni network.
  • World-known lecturers.
  • Famous visiting lecturers to deliver insightful lectures.

Here were our top picks for the best universities in Poland. While deciding for an academic institution to enroll at we suggest few checkpoints:

  • Find out which university offers the courses you want to pursue.
  • Check the curriculum and course structure.
  • Check the placement records of each university.
  • Check the ROI you’ll receive of your degree.
  • Research about the additional benefits offered to international students at that university, it might help you later.

Click here to go to the University’s website

If you are confused, connect with Udrus and consult with our experts to help you select the university to pursue your higher education and get the degree you have always dreamed of!

Study Visa

If you are not a citizen of Europe, you’ll need to procure a student visa to be eligible to get entry in the country and study without any government issue.

Any international student from European countries will need to submit valid identity proof, travelling documents, and register your residence status at the Voivodeship office in the country.

International students from outside of Poland will have to procure type D visas. If you want to stay for a longer period of time, you’ll have to apply for a temporary residence permit before your type D visa expires.

Types Of Visas Offered In Poland

Type C- If you are going to the country for 90 days, a Type C visa is your solution. But if you are a student then this visa is not for you so kindly refrain from applying for a Type C visa.

Type D- this type will help you to stay longer in the country and pursue your full course without any hindrance. This is the one you should apply for.

Visa Application Process & Documents Required For Visa Application

Here are the documents required for the visa application:

  • Application Form- The form is free and you can easily download from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Poland official site. Fill out the form with all the correct and updated information along with your recently clicked passport size photograph.
  • Valid Passport- Ensure that your passport is valid and not expired. Get an extra copy as well as it will be required.
  • Cover letter- The letter includes information on why you wish to study in Poland, and your intent to go back to your homeland once the course is over. Attach all the supporting documents required with the cover letter.
  • Letter of Acceptance– Your letter of acceptance should be from a government recognized university in Poland.
  • Your flight tickets
  • Your proof of accommodation
  • Active health insurance– You need to have an active healthcare plan to help you avoid any unavoidable mishap in future. You need to check with the country’s policy to know if your current health insurance is valid in Poland or not.
  • Valid and recognized academic documents- your high school mark-sheet, and your graduation mark sheet if you are going for master or doctoral programs. You may require transcripts in case it is required.
  • Monetary funds proof-Students who are going to Poland for research purposes and to pursue higher education will have to submit the financial security proof of 800 PLN a month. The return flight ticket also needs to be presented. If any student doesn’t have the return ticket then an amount of 2500 PLN needs to be submitted. Apart from this, a monetary fund of 12,100 PLN is required for procuring student visas in Poland.
  • Fee receipt of visa application.

Poland International Student Visa Application Steps-

  • Visit the Polish embassy.
  • Fix appointment with the consulate officer (check if you need to fix an appointment online).
  • Assemble all of your documents to present when asked.
  • Submit it with the fees.

The visa processing will take at least 15 days so you need to start the visa process in advance to avoid any sort of complications. Approval may take longer than expected.

What If You Are Travelling With A Dependent In Poland?

If your family is coming along with you to Poland or visiting you, they’ll have to apply for a tourist visa. In case they want to stay with you longer, you can apply for family reunification. However, it is only allowed to your spouse, and children. Parents and extended family members do not fall under this.

If you are an European Citizen, and your family members are not an EU citizen, they can enter the country by a visa or via a residence card which will only be issued by a EU member state. Apply for a EU resident card if the family wishes to stay longer.


As usual, to be eligible for admission in the best universities in Poland, the score of your previous classes should match the bar. Since you will be an International student, you are supposed to submit a particular set of documents which we are going to explain below.

If your documents are approved by the government, you’ll be granted admission, so it’s important to prepare the documents required for the admission from the very beginning. Here’s you document checklist-

Application Form

The very first step is to fill in the application form correctly. You can fill it offline or online. Few universities have offline processes but due to Covid-19, almost all the universities have switched to online mode of application. You can find it on the university’s website.

Competitive Exam Marks

Universities in Poland demand particular scores for different exams mandatory for international students. To take admission you’ll have to prove your English language proficiency scores. Different tests are-

  • PTE

Connect with your preferred university to find out which exam and score do they require. To assist you with this, you can connect with Udrus and get high scores in the language tests.

Statement of Purpose

Also known as SOP, the letter consists of a brief and meaningful essay on your career goals, achievement and research goals that you wish to achieve. You have to state why you chose this particular course, why the university, and other personal details that make your case strong.

Letter of Recommendation

Also referred as LOR, it is written by someone who is influential. It will help the university to assess your qualities, capabilities and characteristics. A strong letter of recommendation will make your case strong and help you get accepted into the university.

Academic Certificates

You’ll have to attach the academic certificates along with the application form to prove your educational qualifications. Attach the documents of all your previous degrees that are relevant. Here’s a general list of documents to attach:

  • Intermediate certificates.
  • High School Certificates.
  • Bachelor’s degree (semester wise) if you are applying for master.
  • Consolidated marks certificate of bachelor’s degree.
  • Final semester project work details.
  • Identity proof.
  • Passport size pictures.

Experience certificates

In case you are applying for any business program, it is necessary to have job experience in the relevant field to be eligible to take admission in any business school. The documents required are-

  • Recent joining letter.
  • Recent salary slip.
  • Employment and experience certificates from all the previous employers.


Apart from all the documents, you are also required to submit your resume that includes all the details such as education, skillset, work experience, and else. Make sure to prepare a powerful resume.


When travelling abroad, a passport is the most important document which is required by the authorities. Maximum universities will only accept your application form if you have an updated passport and the serial number.

Passport is also the proof of your existence in your homeland. Without a passport you won’t be able to fly abroad and your entry will be denied in the destination country. Ensure that you carry your passport in the hand luggage so you can present it when asked.

Financial Proof

Minimum 13000 USD of savings is required in the applicant’s name who is going to study in Poland. This amount is excluded from the tuition fees and the cost of living.

This helps in getting admission in the university as many universities looks out for immigrant students with a stable financial condition to avoid any complications later.

Additional documents

If you have any extra documents to highlight yourself such as any research paper, certificates of your extra-curricular activities, talent certificates, proof of participating in any social activity and more, go ahead and attach them as well.

These documents will help push your application further and will ensure your seat in your preferred university.

Also, make sure to get a new passport size photograph clicked as it will be required at all the places. Also, get all the copies scanned nicely so you can upload them while filling all your documents in online mode without any delay or error.

Why Study In Poland

Study In Poland

Students and parents around the world have started to realize the importance of a good college and its contribution for a successful career.

Poland is one such country that is famous among the scholars to opt for studying abroad. Poland has always been regarded as the nation of survivors since the foundation of its first Polish state which was more than 1,000 years ago.

The land of beautiful and majestic Tatra Mountains and the Masurian Lake District, has over 400 universities and academic institutions with a very elegant and interesting historical heritage. Every year more than 1.8 million students visit Poland to enroll themselves in higher degree programs.

Geographical Advantage

The degrees offered in Poland can open up a new world of opportunities around Europe and the globe. Since it is situated in the center of Europe, students also get access to the European study programs at the fingertips.

The geographic location helps the students to connect with the other European countries. This also attracts millions of students as the country is always bustling with people from other countries and cultures helping youngsters to understand the world and learn acceptance and teach a new way of living.

World-Class Educational Facilities

Few universities in Poland were found in the middle ages, and are the oldest universities in the entire Europe. With more than 400 courses to offer, the total count of universities has quadrupled over the past years.

Most of the courses offered are taught in English language to attract the international students. Courses offered are engineering, medicine, education, business, humanities, finance and more.

Highly Affordable Tuition Fees and Cost of living

The country offers extremely affordable tuition fees and sometimes zero tuition fees to the European students. Apart from the medical courses, almost all the course fees range from Euro 1300 to Euro 2500 per annum.

Also, the cost of living in Poland is also under budget for students in comparison to other European nations.

Opportunity To Earn While Studying

Students who are part of EEA and EU countries are eligible to do a job in Poland without any permit. Though, finding jobs in Poland might be difficult if you don’t know the local language.

Wages are competitively low in part-time but if you are skilled you will find a job with handsome pay which will help you in ups-killing yourself and create better connections.