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To study in Australia, let’s know more about it. Australia is a country where English is the first language. Australians have their own accent to speak English, indeed.

So Australians English is definitely a thing. That’s why international students are interested to know more about studying there or getting fully-funded scholarships.

Australians are known with a distinctive accent and vocabulary that may reflect the thing you might see or experience.

If our students got an opportunity to study there, we can say to them: “Good on ya” in an Australian accent which means “Good job”.

If you had thought about taking a risk and applying for a university there, you would have to learn some clishés and mingle with new fellow students there.


Here, we’re going to talk about Australia’s location, boundaries, and physical divisions. It’s considered the most significant island and the smallest continent at the same. The term “Australia” in the Latin language means southern.

It lies south of the Equator and is called the island continent because it has one nation.

According to space, it’s the 6th largest country on the earth and includes Tasmania, a large island, and many other small islands.
Australia is a hidden island explored in the early 1770s, and Captain Abel Tasman explored it after sailing towards the south, so Australia was named Tasmania after Abel Tasman.

The Tropic of Capricorn passes through its center. Indian Ocean borders Australia in the west, the southern ocean in the south, and the Pacific Ocean in the east.


Two factors directly affect Australia’s climate; latitudes and the direction of the mountain ranges. Hence, the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere.

Summer is winter in Australia, and Australians celebrate Christmas in the summers. The northern part of it is closer to the equator and is hotter than the southern part, and we cannot forget that the tropic of Capricorn passes through the middle of the continent, as I mentioned above.

In winter, the snow covers every area in Australis, and the mountains there are still covered-snow all winter around.
The view is breathtaking because it turns to a huge white area on the earth.


The people in Australia are multicultural because its population is divided between people of Australian origin and others of British and Irish origins.

In addition, the fact that a large number of people originate from many countries around the world who settled in Australia during the large wave of immigration encouraged by the country in Earlier, including Greece, Holland, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy, and others.

Hence, it is possible to find a difference in customs and traditions between one city and another, especially with the vast areas in the country.

The Political System

Australia is a federal state consisting of several states under one rule. The political system is liberal and democratic, which is the “Commonwealth,” and this country is considered under the auspices of the Queen of Britain.


The official language is English, but Australians have a special dialect, where they distinctively extend speech.


The religion in Australia is Christianity in the majority, but a large Arab community contributed to the presence of many Islamic mosques in the country.

Australian People

The Australian people are honest and authentic and hate bravado. They have a sense of humor and, at the same time, are characterized by modesty. They are simple and never pretentious, so Australians do not try to restrict formality.

They also prefer to use first names even at the first meeting, but at the same time, they respect their appointments very much and get upset with anyone who does not respect their time.

Australians insist on working in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, they try not to be emotional at work, and they get annoyed with people who talk too much, they get to the point of the matter immediately, and if an Australian is upset with you, they will tell you immediately.

Australians revere charity and work to form various friendships with the people in their surroundings on an ongoing basis; it does not take long to build good relationships with them.

Australian Holidays

Australians celebrate many holidays, including Easter, Anzac Day, a holiday in memory of Australians who have been victims of war, and Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.


Australians live a lot on the beaches, so they are interested in sports and marine activities, and coastal tourism is one of the most active types of tourism in the country; at the same time, they follow tennis and practice it a lot.

If you choose to study and live in Australia, you have to stick to the system, it’s sacred to Australians, don’t try to break the rules or laugh out loud in public, it won’t be nice for them, and you have to obey the rules of the road and general laws.


Among the main foods that Australians depend on, seafood is abundant and other types of meat, fruits, vegetables, bread, and others. You have to taste their dishes when you study in Australia.

Their traditional meals are vegemite, a herbal extract on toast, meat pie, pavlova, a cake with fruit and cream, and lamingtons, a cake covered in chocolate and coconut.

Study Cost

Australia isn’t a cheap country for studying, and international students may not afford to live there if they get fully-funded or partly-funded scholarships. Still, we are here to guide you the right way to search more and find solutions to achieve your goals and study in Australia.

How much does it cost to study in Australia?

Here are some details about the prices of studying degrees there:
Two-year Master’s degree costs around $100.000.

Many factors will affect the study cost, such as:

1-The country you’re applying from because it is related to the student visa. Every country has different requirements for submission.
2-The city you’re planning to study in because study cost and even living cost differents, depending on the chosen city. For example, the cost of living in Sydney is quite high.
3-The university you’re planning to study in. In Australia, there’re a lot of leading Private & Public universities, and the study cost for international students differs depending on their choices.
4-The course you choose. The costs of Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degrees differ in Australia, in addition to the previous factors.
5-The scholarship. You have to do your best to find and get a suitable scholarship; it’s better to be fully funded because it’ll afford a significant part of living costs in Australia and all the study costs.

  • Passport Fee: $15-300.
  • English Test: $300.
  • English Test Prep: $200.
  • Visa Application Fee: $620.
  • Consulting Fee: $20-100.
  • English Course in Australia: $200-300 per week.
  • Degree Program Fee: $20.000-50.000 per year.
  • Medical Test in Australia: $200.
  • Health Insurance in Australia: $425 per year.
  • Airport Pick Up: More than $20.
  • Boarding Pass: Depending on the country you’re coming from.
  • Cost of Living in Big Cities: $1000-2000 per month.

Overview about Study costs

The government subsidizes undergraduate study for local students in Australia in public universities and some private universities.

Still, international students must pay university tuition fees if they choose to study in Australia, and Australia is considered one of the most expensive countries in terms of studying in it.

The Courses Costs

The cost of studying in Australia for international students with a bachelor’s degree is about AUD 30,840 per year, which is approximately $22,170.

While the cost of studying master’s programs annually ranges between 20,000 – 37,000 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 14,400 – 26,600 US dollars.

The annual cost of studying PhD programs ranges between 14,000 – 37,000 Australian dollars, equivalent to 1060 – 26,600 US dollars.

The Study Costs vary

And you should know that this cost will be higher than what was mentioned above in medical and scientific disciplines, as studying a doctorate in medicine and surgery from ANU costs 80,136 Australian dollars or 57,800 US dollars. In comparison, in academic specialities, it will range between 14000-18000 Australian dollars annually.

The costs of studying in Australia also differ from one university to another and from one city to another. University fees differ from one student to another, especially since this is calculated based on academic units.

In addition, the student who study in Australia must pay some additional fees such as student services fees and some similar activities, which may cost about 298 Australian dollars, or approximately 214 US dollars. Still, these fees are not imposed by all Australian universities but may offer them for free.

Living Cost

Australia isn’t so expensive for international students whose budget is usually limited. But instead, it’s cheaper than other countries in Europe. This depends on how you can manage your expenses and prioritize your life.

It will be challenging for some students who live a high-quality life with their families and then travel abroad, get an academic degree, and continue to live the same lifestyle. However, money management is needed for all in this transitional phase.

  • Local Groceries and take away: $140-280 per week.
  • Gas, electricity: $10-20 per week.
  • Phone and Internet: $15-$30 per week.
  • Public transport: $30-$60 per week.
  • Taxi: $150-260 per week.
  • Entertainment: $80-150 per week.
  • Meal at a restaurant: $20.
  • One litre of milk: $1.67.
  • 1 kg of rice: $2.74.
  • 12 eggs: $4.78.
  • 1 kg of Chicken fillets: $10.86.
  • 1 kg of most kinds of vegetables and fruits: $2-5.


$350 average shampoo.
An average bar of soap is $200.

clothes and shoes

You can get cheap clothes from several stores in Australia, including K-Mart and Big W, while some stores offer high-priced international brands, including Myer and David Jones.

Other expenses

The Ministry of Home Affairs in Australia sets conditions for those wishing to temporarily reside in the country, the most important of which is proving that they own 20,290 Australian dollars, or about 14,600 US dollars if they reside without their family.

Suppose he wants to take someone with him. In that case, he will have to add 7100 Australian dollars, or 5100 US dollars, to the amount mentioned above.

He must prove that he owns another additional amount if he has children, which is 3,040 Australian dollars, about 2,200 US dollars for each child.

In addition, he must have air tickets for himself and his family members round trip and prove that he has an amount that covers the cost of studying for his children if they are over five years old.


Our professional team will help you find suitable accommodation, depending on your budget, needs, university’s location, and the chosen city.

Housing Types

Here are the most necessary accommodations for international students who study in Australia:


For your first study years in Australia, this option is for you because you’ll find many homestays options available. You have to book now before traveling abroad and choose if your staying is long-term or short-term.

Many upsides to this type of housing due to the cultural experiences and harmony of the host family.
What do you find in this accommodation?
You’ll get all things you need to live and study in Australia comfortably, such as:

  • Airport pickup and we mentioned its cost above.
  • A furnished room.
  • All utilities like the internet connection, telephone, transport, and more.
  • Arranged meals.
  • Laundry services.
  • Improve English and learn more about Australia’s culture by cultural exchanging with the host family that you share the accommodation.

Homestays Costs

Homestays cost is cheaper than other types of housing in Australia. The expected cost is between $250-350 per week.

You may find lower-cost according to the type and equipment of the chosen accommodation.

The factors that affect the living cost are types of meals, components room, utilities, location, and furniture.

Managed student apartments

These accommodations are dedicated to absorb 100-400 students.
It consists of rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. In some cases, more than two students live share the same room, kitchen, and bathroom.

What does this housing offer?

  • All utilities.
  • Furnished room with a chair, desk, wardrobe, and bed.
  • Safety and 24 hours staff support.
  • Indoor activities, social events, and helpful exercises with fellow students like reading in the library.
  • Laundry services.
  • Heating and air conditioning.
  • Holls for leisure and sports.
  • The basic necessities if life like Power, water, gas, and internet.

Apartments Costs

The cost is between $200-500 per week, including all services we motioned above.

The cost of this housing is reducing day by day, and students outside Australia can afford it and stay there all the course time around.

Living with other people will help you strength your communication skills, languages skills, and cultural learning about the host country.
Mingling with other students won’t you feel lonely and you don’t miss out your family and friends un your country.

Every housing you choose may has some downsides, one of them is lack of privacy. For example, you have to wait your turn to take a shower before going to the university, and you won’t be relaxed while talking in the phone with your family or friends. Un addition, you should respect the others and don’t disturb them while they’re taking a nap or studying.

Your housemate may have many annoying habits, such as smoking, speaking aloud, listening music overnight, playing with hair, using your own things without permission, and biting the fingernails.

3-Residential Colleges

The standard option for all students who travel to study abroad is living in accommodation near their universities.
So this option will be perfect because every university has unique accommodation nearby it. This housing will be safe and allow students to attend all classes and be on time at university.

What things do you get here?

  • All types of meals.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Furnished bedroom.
  • Easily access the required references in the university’s library for your studies.
  • Free WiFi service.
  • Available tutors to help you study professionally.

The cost

The cost is related to coming to Australia by a fully-funded scholarship, partly-funded scholarship, or on your budget.
The living cost in this housing near your university is between $200-270, including the weekly needs mentioned above.

You won’t need to take any transport so that you can keep these expenses for other things. Most students go to their universities walk on foot because the space between the campus and the housing is too short.
If you feel tired, you can take a short public transport or buy a bicycle.

The most pros of this housing are keeping the privacy and feeling independent. You can get cultural exchanges by taking part in outdoor activities with your fellow students.

While you live in a college apartment, You may have to bear some additional expenses, such as fast food, internet access, and shift these facilities on your own.


The following are the Top-ranked Universities to study in Australia and the most important institutions all over the world.

You have to visit every single website to know more details about the university’s history, the fields, the faculties, and what makes every university distinguished from the others.

1-UNSW Sydney

The University of New South Wales is the fourth-best university in Australia and is ranked 43rd globally.

This public university was established in 1949 in Sydney and is one of the leading universities in the field of scientific research in Australia.

UNSW has more than 64,000 students, including 21,603 international students from over 130 countries, taught by 3,219 faculty members.
The university offers about 900 educational programs and has partnerships with 250 international universities.

2-The University of Queensland

The University of Queensland is the fifth-best university in Australia. It is ranked 47th among the best universities worldwide and second among the best universities in sports.

This public university was established in 1911, and it is distinguished by the quality of education and a large number of scientific research it provides.

The University of Queensland has about 53,000 students, more than 22,000 international students, taught by more than 3,500 faculty members, including professors among the best teachers in the world; and this university is committed to providing the best possible advanced level of education to its students.

3-Monash University Clayton 

Monash University is the largest university in Australia and one of the most important universities in it. It ranks sixth among the best universities in the country, 58th among the best universities in the world, and third in the world in pharmacy.

In only about 50 years, this university has achieved great progress and ranked among the best universities worldwide. It is constantly striving to improve the quality of education and follow up on the latest developments in science and educational means.

Monash University has headquarters in many countries worldwide (Australia, Malaysia, India, Italy, South Africa, and China). It has about 56,000 students, a large proportion of international students from more than 170 countries.

4-The University of Sydney

The University of Sydney is the third best university in Australia, and this public university is ranked 37th in the world and third in sports and related fields.
Founded in 1850, this prestigious university is located in Sydney and is one of the most beautiful universities worldwide.

The University of Sydney has 50,000 students, around 25,940 international students from over 143 countries, taught by 3,571 faculty.

It conducts a large number of scientific research annually and is considered one of the universities attracting international students.

This university allows its students to choose the major they want from among more than 400 majors. It also provides them with many similar activities, as it has more than 200 clubs.

5-The Australian National University

The Australian National University is the best in Australia. It ranks fifth among the best universities in anthropology and the best universities around the world in anthropology, earth sciences, philosophy, geography, and political science.

Founded in 1946, this prestigious university is located in the capital of Australia, Canberra. It has about 6,500 international students, who are more than 40% of its total number of students, in addition to 1,763 faculty members.

The much scientific research distinguishes the Australian National University. It presents annually, especially as it allocates a large part of its budget to scientific research.

This university offers its students about 290 taught programs to obtain bachelors and graduate degrees. It is considered one of the most attractive universities for international students, evident in its high percentage of students.

ccupies advanced positions as the best international university in law, legal studies, and mining engineering.

This prestigious university was established in 1853 AD in Melbourne. It includes about 65,000 students, including 21,840 international students, coming from approximately 150 countries around the world, in addition to 3,660 faculty members and more than 8000 academic and professional employees.

6-The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide is one of the most important universities in Australia and the third oldest university; it is ranked eighth among the best universities in the country and 108th among the best universities around the world.

This university has more than 21,000 students, about 8,500 international students, who study in a magnificent traditional campus, built of sandstone on the Nobel Prize.

7-The University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia is one of the most important universities in the country, ranking first in graduate demand and higher salaries after graduation, seventh among its best universities, and 93rd among the best universities worldwide.

It was founded in 1913 AD, and it has a long list of scientific research presented by its students; and the most important feature of this university is that it provides excellent job opportunities for its students after graduation, especially as it is very interested in distinctively preparing them to enter the labour market strongly.

The University of Western Australia has 24,000, studying in four faculties and several specializations.

8-University of Technology Sydney

The University of Technology Sydney, one of the best universities in Australia, has achieved an advanced ranking among the world’s universities in nursing, accounting, arts, computer science, architecture, electrical and electronic engineering.

It is ranked ninth among the best universities in Australia and 133rd among the best universities in the world.
The University of Sydney has more than 23,000 students, 75% of whom study in master’s and doctoral programs, even though it is only 50 years old.

The university offers about 150 undergraduate majors and 180 graduate programs. It also provides its students with university housing on campus, providing an educational environment and a wonderful social life, especially as it contains many sports clubs and distinctive cafes.

9-RMIT University Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is very interested in scientific research and is famous for its great cooperation with many international universities. Studying in Melbourne is a great opportunity, especially since this city is ranked among the best liveable cities in the world.

The university allows its students to study in 10 colleges, each of which has housing in which most of its students live. It provides the student with a wonderful internal environment to study and form relationships and fellowships. This university has graduated several influential students in the world, including four prime ministers in Australia.

10-University of Canberra

The importance of the University of Canberra lies in the fact that it is located in the country’s national capital and ranks among the top 100 contemporary universities around the world.

What distinguishes it also is that it was able to secure job opportunities for nearly 90% of its students after graduation, especially as it qualifies them scientifically and practically to enter the labour market. It adopts advanced and professional academic standards.

The University of Canberra offers more than 300 educational programs and provides housing for its students on campus, and it has more than 2,500 international students from over 100 countries around the world.

Other Universities to check out

11-Curtin University

12-Macquarie University

13-QUT University

14-University of Wollongong

15-La Trobe University

16-University of Newcastle

17-University of Melbourne

18-James Cook University

19-University of South Australia

20-Swinburne University of Technology

21-Flinders University

22-University of Tasmania

23-Bond University

24-Edith Cowan University

25-Charles Darwin University

26-University of Southern Queensland

27-Victoria University

28-Southern Cross University

29-CQ University Rockhampton North

30-University of New England

How to apply for the university?

Here are the full details about applying the process to the universities.

Universities & Programs

Research for the programs, universities, cities, and scholarships. You have to detailed information about everything before start applying. The location of your university and housing will affect your study and work; if you think to work besides your study.

Living costs in some cities are cheaper than in other cities, so you can choose where you live depending on how you can afford and what type of housing you’ve chosen, and the services will give you.

Application Form

Once you’ve chosen the program, you have to start applying process. You have to be eligible, meet the entry requirements, and prepare all the required documents for the university and course.

All you have to do is visit the website’s university and click on the requirements section to know more details and start collecting documents.

Some documents need a long time to be prepared, such as the English proficiency test. You can increase your chances of getting the admission letter from the selected university; it’s better to apply for many courses and be ready to get admission in any of them.

International students can apply for Australian Universities online or by requesting the published form to be posted. You can also reach out to an education agent whose role is to guide you in the right way.

The application form on the official website of the university usually includes these details:

  • Information about you.
  • Proof of your English language proficiency.
  • Abstract about your previous academic history.
  • The course you’re applying for.
  • Your employment experience.

Heads Up: If you want to complete your education studies in Australia, you can prove your recent degree.
You have to wait for many weeks before the university reaches out to you. Processing the requests and applications for post-graduate degrees may take more time.

Offer Letter & CoE

If your application is accepted, then you’re getting an acceptance in principle, so you’ll receive the offer letter from the selected university. In this step, you have to read the conditions and ask yourself if you’re eligible for this university and this course, and the following steps to do to get the official Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Before the CoE, you have to pay the tuition fees. Your university will tell you about the paying steps, and it’s a very accessible process.

Student Visa

The following step is applying for a students visa. We’ve mentioned the complete steps to get your access.


What you have to do for applying to study in Australia:

  • Choose Your university and course.
  • Apply to the university.
  • Accept your offer to study.
  • Get your confirmation of enrollment (CoE).
  • Apply for your student visa.

Used Languages

The official language adopted in Australia is English, but in the Australian dialect, do not worry; there is no big difference.

The difference is limited to how some words are pronounced and a few spelling and rules. If your English is proficient, know that studying in Australia will be easy for you, and you will learn those differences as quickly as you can imagine.

History of Australian Language

It is said that the ancient Australians had about 250 different languages. Still, less than 20 of them survive today, and the other languages are limited only to the elderly and will undoubtedly disappear soon.

Despite multilingualism, about 80% of the population speaks English even in their homes, so you will not find it difficult to deal with them if you are fluent in English.

Study Language

Studying English in Australia is widely available, and some universities accept to give you admission without fulfilling the condition of passing language tests. In contrast, other universities insist that you pass international tests that determine your level.

And you should know that each university has a certain level of admission, as well as the requirement for admission to obtain a study visa, so you must review the website of the university you chose to study at.

Conditional Acceptance

If your acceptance is conditional, you can learn English in Australia through the many institutes that provide this service. The costs of courses in these institutes vary according to the institute, the number of study hours, and the course length, and it ranges from hundreds of dollars to thousands.

English Institutions

In Australia, there are several accredited institutes for teaching English in several Australian cities, such as the famous Kaplan institutes specializing in teaching this language and a group of other institutes that offer these courses with accredited certificates of English proficiency.

Study Visa

The applying process for the student visa has many levels. I’ll share with you the required documents you need to make your student visa valid. But in some cases, you have to take a look about the required documents because migration department adds more documents or be updated.

Heads Up: There are many types of student visa, depending on the chosen course, degree, and extended stayto study in Australia. So yu have to choose the visa type which is suitable for your duration of staying in Australia. For example: If you choose short-term course, you will choose short-term residence, and it’s don’t exceed the 90 days.

The required documents for applying

The following are the prepared things you have to submit online to study in Australia:

  • Letter of offer from the recognized university.
  • Letter of confirmation of enrollment (CoE).
  • A proof for a bank account that will prove affording cost study, living cost, tuition fees, and travel expenses.
  • Evidence of your English proficiency, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or Duolingo. You have to read the requirements of every university to know what specific test they want.
  • A proof of your previous academic studies.
    Health insurance for the period of their stay in Australia.
  • A professional and brief resume shows your qualifications for the chosen course, education background, and career history.

Why Study In Australia

Keep in mind these reasons that will encourage you to study in Australia:

1-Spectacular country

Australia is known as the most spectacular country in the world because it has vast spaces of landscapes, coastlines, fantastic nature, and mountain.
It’s also surrounded by the oceans, which makes it distinguished from other countries in the world.

2-World class education

Most international students want to study in Australia and get their degrees at Australian Universities due to its high quality education system that add a value to their education background. That will allow a lot of great job opportunities and professional experiences.

3-Available Scholarships

Australia issues a lot of scholarships that fully and partly funded to reduce the study cost for international students and motivate them to come and study there.

4-Several Innovations

Australia makes the world better due to the great innovations that present to the world. It really contributes to change the world and adopts a new lifestyle. Some its innovations: WiFi.

5-World class cities

Most cities in Australia are known as the most liveable cities in the world, especially for international students who are interested in studying abroad.
Some cities that are enviable: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, and Gold Coast.


Australian Government allows international students to work while studying in Australia up to 20 hours per week. It’s an attractive option because most students who didn’t get a scholarship to live comfortably and away from financial pressure.

7-Migration Program

Most students who travel abroad for the purpose of studying like to stay in the host country, seek employment, and get a job. So they start to apply for Australian Permanent Residence after submit the required documents and do all steps correctly.

8-Easy Visa Process

Australian immigration made the process for applying to a student visa much easier, by introducing Simplified Student Visa Framework.

9-Safety & Protection

The rate of crime in Australia is so low, so students who come from outside Australia will feel relaxed and safe. In addition, the security system is nonvulnerable.

10-Internationally recognized qualification

To get a decent job and increase your chances to live high quality life, you have to be qualified. Australia gives you this chance that will open closed doors, especially that qualification from Australia is highly regarded all over the World.


Australia is the 3rd most popular education destination in the world that hosts internation students, and most Australians are born overseas, which creats an enabling environment for more cultural open.

12-Globally recognised universities

There are several universities in Australia that present high quality education and qualifird certificates that enable you to go ahead and make your way.


To get a scholarship that will fund your study journey, you have to search too much on the internet and stay tuned for the newest scholarships issued on the official websites.

How to apply for Australia scholarships?

To study in Australia and get a scholarship, you have to collect these documents:

  • Cretifies English test, such as IELTC, TOEFL, or PTE.
  • The required scores are 6 or 7, and you’ll be qualified to learn in English.
  • Conditional offer or unconditional offer from the chosen university.
  • Health insurance after getting a health check up in any hospital in your country.
  • Student visa.