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It is a unique experience to live in the United Arab Emirates. You will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience as an international student. UAE has a thriving lifestyle with cutting-edge technology and innovation. The land of majestic buildings and stretching deserts, the country is an amalgamation of beauty and science.

Reasons Why you May Prefer UAE

With Abu Dhabi and Dubai leading the quest to elevate the standard of higher education, the country is providing students with an avenue to better their career aspects.

The growth in the number of international students migrating to the UAE is growing steadily with every passing academic year.

The government of the country is working really hard to attract students globally through their policies.

The international students in the country are now allowed to earn while they learn. This policy was introduced especially to attract international students to the country.

This allows the students to interact with people from different cultures and experiences. It will help you gain various perspectives and learn about different heritages, their beliefs, and customs. This gets noticed by recruiters these days which will help your career exponentially.

Another reason why students are preferring UAE as an international study destination is due to the student visa. If you comply with all the requirements, the study visa is sponsored by the university.

All you need is an acceptance letter from the university and the documents which are mandatory to prove your education and funds including some others. Passing a medical examination to determine your health conditions and fitness for the job.


The international students get to apply for part-time jobs in more than 4500 corporate organizations. These are comprised of various clusters like IT, Design, outsourcing, ICT, and energy to name a few.

As for the full-time job, the population is only 20% of the local residents, the remaining is constituted by either international students who have decided to stay post completion of their degree or people who have migrated from India, East Asia, Philippines, and Pakistan.


The climate of the UAE has basically two faces; hot and hotter. The people of the country only describe the seasons as summer and hot summer the days here are hot and unbearable.

The winter surely brings a lot of relief. That’s when people get out of their homes and enjoy the summer on the beaches. The picnics are pretty visible and enjoyed by families.

The country gets characterized sandstorms as a seasonal shift from winter to spring. The temperature usually ranges from 16-35 degrees over a year.

Common Questions For you

Despite having so much information, there’s a lot that needs to be discovered when it comes to planning your study abroad in the UAE:

  1. How to get my university to sponsor my visa?
  2. What documents would I require for my visa?
  3. What will be my tuition fees in the UAE?
  4. How can I save money on the living expenses?

If these questions are still unanswered for you, reach out to Udrus with your list of queries. Their team of experts have got your back at every step of the way.

Study Cost

With growing advancement in the education system in the UAE, the government has allowed various international universities to build their campuses in the gulf country. The quality of education given by these institutes is acting as bait to international students from nearby countries and afar.

However, you need to plan your budget carefully as studying in the UAE can be expensive. Experts would recommend having a budget plan ahead of you so you can keep your expenses in check and avoid any crises, financially.

While tuition fee is not the only cost to dispense when studying abroad, it still is the major amount for a student to spend on higher education. It varies between universities and the programs. It also depends on the location of the university and the level of study you want to apply for.

Like most international study destinations, UAE also offers Private and Public universities. However, public universities are rather less in number currently. Let’s have a look at some of the cheapest Universities in the UAE.

1. University of Sharjah

Programs:Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Programs.From AED 31,049 per year
Postgraduate Programs.From AED 45,675 per year

The University is a private educational institute. It was established in 1197, and till date is known as one of the best Universities in UAE. It also houses more than 50% of its students coming from different parts of the globe.

2. American University in the Emirates

Programs:Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Programs.From AED 36,750 per year
Postgraduate Programs.From AED  36,750 per year

This is an accredited university, offering a wide range of courses in undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Specializations like Computer Information Technology, Media and Mass Communications, Law, Design, and many more are offered at AUE.

3. Ajman University

Programs:Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Programs.From AED 38,766 per year
Postgraduate Programs.From AED  37,500 per year

Ajman University is a private institution and is deemed as an affordable University for international students. It is ranked as one of the top 750 QS World University Rankings. It was also the first University to accept foreign students.

4. Abu Dhabi University

Programs:Tuition Fee
Undergraduate Programs.From AED 43,200 per year
Postgraduate Programs.From AED  42,600 per year

This is the largest international university in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2003, it currently has campuses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain.

Due to its competitive curriculum and academic excellence, it is ranked at the sixth best University in UAE according to QS survey.

The above listed Universities are not just the most affordable institutes in the UAE but they are also some of the finest. The United Arab Emirates is a beautiful country and its growing diversity is only the start to a better future of many young minds.

With the cutting edge technology on the rise, this country is a perfect mixture of learning and fun. You can explore modern and ancient architecture and enjoy surfing on the beaches.

With the correct financial planning, you can make sure to enjoy your stay comfortably and make a bold and successful career.

Living Cost

When planning to study in the UAE, budgeting and rationing are the most crucial steps if you don’t want your daily expenses to burn a hole in your pocket.

Living in the UAE can be expensive, hence, keep an eye on what you spend your money on. Financial planning also goes a long way if you do stick by the plan.

While financial aids like scholarships and grants can help you a lot, however, there still would be other expenses for you to cover. Let’s look at some unavoidable expenses when living abroad,

1. Food: We don’t expect most students to go fine dining, however, basic costs of meals would be an essential expense. Listing down the basic cost of food items in the UAE for you to plan better.

ItemCost (in AED)
Bottle of water(1.5 l)1.50
Milk(1 l)7
Dozen eggs10
Loaf of bread5
Rice(1 kg)10

2. Transportation: Commuting from your place of accommodation to the University, commuting for entertainment or traveling to the nearest beautiful destination- all will come with added expenses. All such expenses coupled with other miscellaneous costs contribute to the cost of living in the United Arab Emirates. Listing below some common travel costs.

Source of TransportCost (in AED)
Metro trip(standard fare for 1 zone)2.50
Taxi(5 km trip)10.50
Car on rent(per week)600
Petrol(per liter)1.72

While the above can look a lot and make living in the UAE seemingly difficult, there are other ways to sustain yourself even when you are studying.

If you have time to spare apart from your course studies, you can indulge in part-time jobs and make a few extra bucks. Let’s look at some ways you can support your finances without having to live in a crunch.

  1. Blogging- With content gaining widespread exposure, you can try your own hands at it. If you are good with words, you can start your own content blog. You can also nurture your other passions and earn on the side, like photography can let you pursue a photo blog.
  2. Online Tutoring- There are many online websites that look for virtual teachers.
  3. Translation Jobs– Online portals offer many translation jobs. Use those extra languages you learned in school and make some money on the side.

There are many other ways to sustain yourself and help you get back on your feet. Most of these are going to require your talent and little hard work.


A lot of international students move to this sunny country to pursue higher studies.

Types of accommodation

International students in the UAE enjoy the stretched desserts, sunny skies, desert safari, beach leisure activities.

On-Campus or off-Campus?

Moving to the UAE can be an expensive affair if you have not done your research work ahead of time. Living in the UAE can be a costly affair for an international student. Your lifestyle defines your monthly expenditure.

Being an international student, you need to plan your finances according to your budget. This planning needs to start at least a year prior to your move to the UAE.

Your ability to plan your finances will help you lead an easy and comfortable life outside your home nation. Let’s have a look at how much it will cost you monthly while pursuing your studies abroad in the UAE!

Depending upon the kind of housing you pick to reside in the country, you will face the expenses monthly. An on-campus housing facility will be easier on your pocket and to afford if you do not wish to have an extravagant lifestyle.

The cost of the on campus housing facility depends from university to university. The campus housing is of good quality and common facilities available for all international students.


The hostels provide 24*7 internet, electricity, bedding and on top of that security. Let’s have a look at few of the on campus hostel cost:

InstituteCityCost (in AED)
UAE UniversityAbu Dhabi5000 per semester
Khalifa UniversityAbu Dhabi20,000 per semester
Abu Dhabi UniversityAbu Dhabi7,600 for twin sharing per semester
American University of SharjahSharjah18,700 for twin sharing per semester
Manipal UniversityDubai25,500 for triple sharing per year

The foreign universities in the UAE do not provide any on campus accommodation to the students. Instead they partner with the hospitality industry to provide an affordable living solution to students like you.

Partnerships with hotels work in dual profit, they provide business to the hotels and housing to you. In case you opt for an university that does not have an on campus housing, you will be spending the following amount on the accommodation:

UniversityResidenceCost (in AED)
Middlesex UniversityThe Myriad (only rooms)2000 Dirham per month for twin sharing
University of BirminghamUninest Student Residences3000 Dirham per month for twin sharing
University of BirminghamDSOA University Residences2300 Dirham per month for twin sharing
University of WollongongMercure Hotel Apartments94000 Dirham per year for 2 bed-room; 78000 for 1 bedroom set
University of WollongongSignature Hotel & Spas18,000 Dirham per year for 1 bed-room; 66,000 per year for 2 bed-room

Rent an Apartment

Renting an apartment is another option for you if you are an international student studying. The cost of accommodation outside the university for you will depend on the number of rooms, distance from the city center, location etc.

The cost of renting an apartment separately will cost you thrice the amount of on campus accommodation. Although it is one of the most preferred accommodation types when it comes to living off campus for you. It provides you the independence to live your life on your terms.

If you do not have financial restrictions, you can enjoy a lavish lifestyle without a worry. In case you are on a budget, it is advised to you to split the living area with others to save money.


The United Arab Emirates is an educational hub, attracting thousands of international students from around the globe to visit and pursue highly-advanced programs in different fields.

The public and private universities have cutting edge curriculum to sharpen the skills and polish talents of students to help them achieve success in their professional life.

Deciding an academic institution to enroll in is a difficult task considering the highly challenging atmosphere.

You need to understand the ranking, benefits of studying at that particular university, why it is better than the rest, your course curriculum, placement upon competition of course and the RoI of fees.

To help you take this decision, we have gathered important information regarding the best universities. Read ahead to find out which one made it to our list-

United Arab Emirates University

The university was established in the year 1976 by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, and is a non-profit public institution. The university is licensed by the Ministry of Education, UAE and the degrees are recognized worldwide.

  • It is also the very first and largest university.
  • The university campus is considered the safest for international students.
  • More than 14,000 universities enroll at UAE each year from 64+ countries.
  • The university offers highly advanced graduate and postgraduate programs with a strong focus on research.
  • The UAE’s flagship university has nine courses:
  1. Engineering.
  2. Business and Economics.
  3. Science.
  4. Food and Agriculture.
  5. Social Science.
  6. Information Technology.
  7. Medical and Health Sciences.
  8. Humanities.
  9. Legal Studies.
  • The university also offers additional support to the students.
  • The faculties are immensely experienced and world’s leading academicians who are also world-class researchers.
  • There are more than 46 student societies and clubs and has 160+ laboratories to teach students via practical learning.

1-Zayed University

The university was founded in 1988 as a higher education institution for women and has campuses in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.

  • In the year 2008, the university joined hands with the UAE armed forces and took in 200 male students for the very first time.
  • There are six colleges comprising the university-
  1. College of Arts and Science.
  2. College of Education.
  3. College of Communication and Media Studies.
  4. College of Education, and more.
  • The university was also awarded 4 stars by QS Stars and ranks 651-700 as per QS World Rankings.

2-Manipal Academy of Higher Education

The Manipal Academy of Higher Education is India’s biggest private university with over 25,000+ students studying in more than 23 disciplines. MAHE now has a branch in Dubai as well and enrolls 1500+ students from more than 25 countries.

  • The campus is ultra-modern and the infra-structure is world-class.
  • The degrees awarded are by MAHE India and are recognized by the Government of India and permitted by the Government of Dubai KHDA.
  • Eligible students also receive AED 2 million accomplishment and merit.
  • There are more than 33 scholarship options available for enrolled students. Scores of IELTS, GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL are also accepted.

3-Middlesex University

The extended branch in Dubai is the first overseas branch of the foreign university. The university caters to more than 4000 students from over 114 nations.

  • There are graduate, postgraduate courses in a wide variety of fields.
  • Middlesex University Dubai is the first university to offer a face to face British Qualifying LLB degree.
  • The public university focuses on enhancing skills, and instills the notion of serving the humanitarian cause.
  • The university offers outstanding career support to students to excel in the corporate world.
  • Scholarships and grants are also awarded to students who qualify the requirements.

If you are also looking out for scholarships to finance your degree at Middlesex University Dubai, connect with Udrus today to help you build a solid case and improve your chances to win the scholarship.

4-University of Birmingham 

The University of Birmingham Dubai, is the actual university and not a franchise and is ranked among the top 1% universities around the globe. The curriculum is the same as its other branches in the UK.

  • The curriculum is highly advanced and rigorous focusing on providing a career-centered educational atmosphere to students.
  • The scholarships and grants are awarded to students who are not financially strong to help complete their education and bring accolades and contribute to the growth of society.
  • Exam scores of IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and other exams are accepted while taking admissions.

5-Westford University College

Established in 2009, it is one of the best public academic institutions offering the cutting edge curriculum, flexible learning facilities and affordable fees for all the students taking admission.

  • The students from different countries such as Oman, Bahrain, Jeddah, India, Dammam, Qatar, Lisbon, the USA, the UK, South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, Namibia and Egypt arrive in the United Arab Emirates to take admission in the WUC.
  • The university has 16+ academic partners, offering over 34 courses attracting international students to the exotic location.
  • The university offers placement support placement opportunities and support for students to get a strong foothold in the industry from the very beginning.

Connect with Udrus to confirm your seat in the Westford University College Dubai.

6-Amity University

Amity University is not a new name in the world of private universities. The university is ranked number 1 in the list of top not-for-profit private universities attracting millions of students from around the globe.

  • Maximum number of students enrolling in the AU campus are Indians.
  • The Amity University has its branches in Singapore, New York, Mauritius, Romania and will be opening their campuses in more than 25 countries in the upcoming countries.
  • There are more than 4600 faculties, 350+ government granted researches and more than 1400 case studies developed by the faculties.
  • The university has a 60,000+ network of alumni and is linked to over 80+ partners and global universities worldwide.

7-BITS Pilani 

The university is the only official branch of the most reputed Birla Institute of Technology and Science and is top-ranked university in India. The KHDA Government of Dubai awarded the 5-star to the BITS Pilani.

  • The university offers bachelor, masters and doctoral programs. The university is approved by MHRD, UGC, permitted by KHDA and Government of Dubai.
  • The faculty is highly experienced and offers fully equipped laboratories, smart classrooms, and a digital library with more than 10,000 research material and books.
  • Degree is awarded by the BITS Pilani and has collaboration with 130+ Universities and research centers.
  • The fees are extremely affordable.
  • Also, scholarships are offered to students who are in need of financial assistance.

8-Hult International Business School

The name needs no introduction, students from around the globe with a keen interest in management and business management take admission in Hult International Business School to pursue Masters of Business Administration offered in full time and part time category.

  • The campus is extra-spacious and includes state of the art classrooms, highly advanced video conferencing facilities, 20+ breakout rooms, fully equipped libraries and computer labs along with tight security.
  • The International Business School offers a Global MBA degree which is widely recognized and accredited.
  • Additional recruitment and placement assistance support is also provided to the students who wish to build a global career.
  • These were our picks of top public and private universities in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Pick your favorite, connect with Udrus and start your journey to get a global accredited degree today!

Study Visa

A student Visa in the UAE is for a University or college student who is at least 18 years of age. If you are an international student coming to the UAE and have your admission offer letter, your University will sponsor your student Visa considering you comply with the requirements of the same.

If you are worried and feel overwhelmed with the entire process of applying for a study visa, Uterus is here to extend a helping hand. Their experts have the knowledge of the process and are willing to guide you through each and every step of the way until the process is complete.

Many accredited UAE Universities and colleges can help secure a student visa. International students need to keep an eye out on the terms and conditions mentioned by each university or college.

One important thing to note is, admission to one of the UAE universities does not ensure that the university will sponsor your visa. Visa issuance is subject to different requirements specific to each university.

Let us see the requirements to get a visa sponsored by a UAE University if you don’t have a relative who can sponsor your visa:

  1. Passing a medical fitness exam- If a University agrees to sponsor your visa to their country, it is a given that they expect you to contribute to their economy in the longer run. For that to happen, you would be required to ensure that you are in the best of your health and would continue to be. This would make your university confident that you can further take up job opportunities and would be fit to do so.
  2. A security check- The University needs to make sure that you come from a sound background if you want it to sponsor your visa for you. The security check is a basic requirement for the university to intimate the government of the background if the country wants to allow the international student to later find work in their country and flourish thereby. Hence, it is a big responsibility on the shoulders of the University and the International student alike to prove their stable background.
  3. Approval from GDRFA in the respective emirate region- GDRFA is an abbreviation of The General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs. It is a government body that aims to make the UAE among the best countries in terms of economic and social developments. For an international student to get their university to sponsor the visa, GDRFA approval is one of the most critical aspects of the process.

For expatriate residents, the UAE laws don’t allow them to sponsor the education of their male children over the age of 18 years.

The government gives an exception to male children to stay on their parent’s residence visa as long as they don’t fail to provide evidence of their attendance in the University.

However, for female children above 18 years of age, a resident visa is required by their parents.

Let us look at new rules for residence visas of female children sponsored by their parents:

  1. The government announced in 2018, that students who graduate from their universities or colleges or attain the age of 18 years, will be granted a one-year residence visa. This can be renewed from a year of graduation.
  2. This visa entails parents to place bank deposits.
  3. To be able to avail and sponsor this type of visa, parents would be required to show duly attested graduation certificates from schools.

The third type of visa is for students coming to the United Arab Emirates for an exchange program. This type of Visa is granted for a period of 60 days and can be renewed upon request.

Some tips to ace the visa interview round:

  1.  Whether online or appearing for the interview physically with a visa authority in your country, dress professionally. You don’t want to take this round lightly, your appearance says a lot about how serious you are about the process.
  2. Do your research. With widespread availability of the internet, you have everything at your disposal. Check out some interview rounds and prepare your answers accordingly. This will give you an upper hand at the interview and you will be in much better control of your information.
  3. Keep all your documents handy. Make sure your documents are ready and cross-checked at least a day before the interview. Last minute arrangements can cause chaos and make you anxious. Keep your sole focus on the interview.
  4. Be concise, don’t overload the person with information. Give answers to the point, avoid beating around the bush. If you do not have an answer to any question, do not answer vaguely. It can impact the quality and outcome of your interview.
  5. Speak in the first person, for yourself. You don’t want to give opinions of people you don’t know.
  6. Be very sure of the university you are applying to. Do your research, know your University and the program you are interested in. Ask questions, you may also reach out to faculty and alumni to get more details.
  7. Be confident. There is nothing more appealing than confidence. This tells the interviewer that you are on your A game and even if you fail to ace your studies, you are well in control of yourself. They will know that you are capable of sustaining yourself.

While the above looks like a complicated process, the right University will go the long way to sponsor your visa if you are deemed fit according to their requirements.

Connect with Udrus to get expert guidance on finding the right university and get help to smoothen the process.


Meeting the admission criteria is the foremost important step in order to secure a seat at a study destination in the UAE.

If you are from outside of the UAE, you need to possess a student visa to pursue the course of your liking. You need to have a relative as sponsor in order to get your student visa. In case you don’t have one, the Universities sponsor the visa for you.

What are the required documents for Student Visa?

However, make sure you have the following documents if you want to procure your student visa:


You need to have a valid passport and four of its copies in order for you to even apply for the Universities.

Whether or not an international student, your Passport is one of the most essential documents you possess.

The Universities verify your authenticity via your passport. You need to update your passport regularly and keep it handy while travelling. Never put your passport in the checked baggage and make sure it is safe.


12 Passport size photographs- Most Universities have a specific requirement in terms of your photographs. Some encourage you to submit photographs only against a white or black background to avoid any clutter in the pictures.

Make sure to submit only recent photographs be it digitally or physically. Your photographs are later used by the university to provide you with an identity pass.

3-Offer letter:

In order to get a study visa, you’ll need an admission offer letter from a UAE University. All Universities usually have different criteria for admission. It is mostly dependent on the type of program you are applying for and the emirate it is available in.

In any case, all universities will offer you an admission form once you have qualified its set of requirements. Make sure you keep this document safely with you.

4-Financial proof:

Bank statements of your student bank account to verify the availability of your funds are requested by universities. These are simple bank accounts in the name of the student going abroad to pursue higher education.

They let the students pay money in and out within a country overseas. The purpose of having one is to prove the availability of funds on which the student can sustain their life without any external help.

Make sure to ask for these statements at least weeks before you leave. Depending upon your country, the banks may require different time frames to process this request. Although it only takes about 24-48 hours for a bank to provide you with a bank statement.

5-Proof of your accommodation:

When moving abroad to pursue higher education, accommodation is one of the biggest concerns for many. The uncertainty of a new country and its people can be overwhelming sometimes.

It is advised to find an accommodation beforehand to avoid any hassles once you reach there. Hence, A tenant agreement is required as part of the process in most universities in the UAE. If you fail to have any, you must have a letter from the university in case you are staying at the university accommodation.

6-Fee receipt:

You will need a copy of tuition fee receipt for the current year of your study program. When you have your admission offer letter in hand, you are required to make the payment for at least the current year of your applied program.

Ensure that you keep all your receipts pertaining to your University segregated to avoid missing any timelines.

7-Visa receipt:

Along with fees receipt, you’ll need to have a copy of visa receipt for the current year of your study program- Whether or not your visa is sponsored by your UAE University, you need to present your visa receipt as one of the documents.

After you have made the payment of your fee, you will get a 16 digit visa fee receipt number. This receipt is crucial to prove your payment and must be kept intact for future requirements even after moving to the UAE University.

8-Proof of completion:

In case you are applying for a post-graduate program, you need to show proof of your undergraduate education. The documents required for this would be your degree certificate declaring that you have taken the said program.

It should also mention the study you have undertaken, the University/College it was from, your score from that study and the subjects you choose as your majors.

9-IELTS/TOEFL results:

English is widely spoken in the United Arab Emirates. With the growing influx of international students, the use of English has also seen a gradual rise in the gulf country.

Higher education is also getting more attention from the authorities now that so many exchanges and study programs for international students are available.

English has been a key language in most countries and is a part of all curriculum’s so as to attract students from different continents.

The Gulf country is not behind and hence, the majority of the programs are now designed to be delivered in English to maximize the student ratio across countries.

If the program you have opted for has its curriculum in English, you would be required to prove your proficiency in the English Language.

For that, you need to take either of the two language proficiency tests and pass with a satisfactory score.

Score requirement is different for all universities and depends on the program. However, most Universities prefer a score between 6-8.

10-Medical test reports:

Most Universities conduct or demand you to undergo some customary medical tests like HIV, leprosy, syphilis and some others. These tests are to be done at certified UAE medical centers.

If an applicant tests positive for any of these tests, they would be deported back except for the medical conditions that are deemed as curable.

Why Study In United Arab Emirates

Deciding on a study destination abroad is one of the most crucial and delicate decisions you will ever make. Having that said, it is extremely important to factor in all possible reasons that can make or break the deal.

UAE or the United Arab Emirates proves to be a strong and preferable study destination for international students. Let us briefly mention the seven states that the United Arab Emirates are made of: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Umm Al-Quwain, and Ajman.

While higher education in the UAE is still younger than most countries, students enjoy unique benefits leading their student lives. With the UAE’s establishment in 1971, as a country, it has experienced considerable economic growth.

Made of modern and ancient architecture, this place is on the list of favorites for adventure seeking youth, shopping fanatics and architecture lovers.

The country is an amalgamation of modern and ancient. A country where modernism and technological advances meet traditionalism, the country is rich in heritage and awaits you.

Let’s dive into other benefits that studying in the UAE can offer:


It is gradually becoming home to thousands of international students. With a growing inflow of international students, the diversity ratio is increasing.

The growing diversity makes room for different thoughts and perspectives which students from different countries bring in.

Being a part of a diverse group and interacting with them is still one of the best ways to grow. With UAE’s location being at the heart of the global map, and its flourishing economy, it inevitably offers a range of attractions other than education including various sports, innovative architecture, indoor skiing, shopping and many more.

UAE certainly won’t let its international students get bored. However, that’s not the only advantage of its central location, if you are a resident in the UAE.

You can easily save up on accommodation and travel costs and additionally, escape from homesickness as well. Even if you are not from the UAE, its unique location is not far from many countries.

2-Rich Cultures Coming Together

With a country getting widely exposed to different cultures, it is still home to Emirati and Arab-Islamic and many more cultures.

It is an amalgamation of diverse languages coming together, however, English is spoken widely by all. On coming back from this gulf education experience, you will come back with a lot except just your degree.

3-Credible Higher Education

UAE is known for its excellent academics except being glamorous and a huge attraction to tourists. The various study opportunities pan between many fields and industries leaving international students with a broad range of options to choose from.

There is an array of Universities from large public universities to smaller private colleges. Most of these are accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Higher Education and also by an accrediting body in another country.

This adds more value to your degrees and potentially opens a wide range of job opportunities to apply globally.
Studying in the UAE also comes with a broad variety of programs available, coupled with exchange program options that entail their own unique value.